Eaton RF9540-NAW ASPIRE integration help

I have the 9540 Aspire and i want to control it from the SmartThing without buying or integrating anything else. Is that possible? If so, how.

I have read a LOT of information on here about cooper and the aspire switches but not one thread had an actual idiot resistant methodology of integration. People mention minimote, but is that needed if i don’t have slaves? And even if I buy one, and i’m willing, how to i then integrate all of that into the smartthing. Then someone had a link to a “DH” (not even sure what a DH is) but no instructions on how to use it.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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Eaton is the company, Cooper is the division, and aspire is the model line. Same device might be referred to under any of those names. Z wave alliance ( The third-party certifying organization) Used to list them under Cooper, which is why most of the forum references will use that. But now they’ve changed to listing them under eaton so that’s starting to become more common. It’s still the same device.

DH means “device handler.” Read the following FAQ for an explanation of that.

The 9540 is the master switch in the model line. It will work just with the generic Z Way dimmer device type handler. So many people just use that. ( The battery operated switch, the 9500, requires a custom device type handler to work with SmartThings.)

You don’t need the minimote if you’re only using the one master switch, although sometimes people use it as a set up convenience if they have the switch already wired in place on a different floor or a long distance from the smartthings hub, because the minimote can be used to add the device to the SmartThings network even though it is out of range of the hub.

I forgot to mention, the aspire line does have some unique advanced features like the lockout and panic mode… Those are not features that are included in the generic zwave dimmer device type handler, because most switches don’t have those features.

So if you want to use something more than just on/off/dim, that’s when you might use a custom device type handler for the 9540.

Here’s one, and you’ll see that the community member who contributed it did so because he wanted to use those advanced features:

But if you don’t need those particular features, you shouldn’t need custom code with it.


I did get the 9540 added using the generic z-wave dimmer device type. It works fine with that. I was pretty confused by the rest as i thought i would need to get more stuff and add the custom DH to make it all work. I’m kind of new to this so i’m in the steep part of the learning curve.

thanks for your help

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