Dynamic enum options list not updating after selection (new bug?)

Ok, this is driving me a bit crazy because I can’t tell if this is a new bug or not (“how did this ever work??”). Maybe someone else here can chime in…

In my SmartApp (MyQ Lite) setup, I’ve got a setting to select from a list of garage doors to add. This is a dynamically-populated enum that pulls from an array of doors that is refreshed from an API call. The doors that the user selects go into the “doors” setting in the app. Normally, this works just fine; it shows the list correctly, you choose which ones you want, and everything is great. If you go into the setup later, you can change your door selections without issue.

However, I just noticed that if the door list itself changes (i.e. you physically added or removed a door to the MyQ account, and the API response is different), we’ve got a weird problem. The enum list actually works correctly - you see the new list of doors just fine. BUT the underlying “doors” setting in the app does NOT change…like at all. And so when I try to make use of that outdated list, things obviously blow up.

And since app settings are read-only, the only way to resolve this is to totally delete and re-add the SmartApp, which is not good.

Is this some kind of new bug where sometimes app settings are not updating in certain situations? Maybe related to using dynamic enum select lists?

I found this somewhat related topic discussing how settings from dynamic enums don’t delete old values, but what I’m experiencing is much more severe than that as it’s not taking any of the new selections.

Update: I stand corrected - this it the exact same issue as the old thread. New setting values ARE coming through, but the old values are not being deleted from the list. While still annoying, at least I can work around this by maintaining my own “validated” list and using that throughout the rest of the app.