DTH Troubles - GE Motion Dimmer Switch (Model 26933) DTH -M Struck 1.0.4.B

All –

I am having trouble setting the mode for the sensor switch using webcore.

I set up a command Vacancy (1) but the status of the switch does not change.

Additionally the command for SetTimeOut etc. are not visible in webcore.

can anyone help?

Posting in the authors thread is the best way to get help with custom code, as it will send the author a notification.

I believe this is the relevant post (this is a clickable link):


@TonyFleisher is correct…best to tag me or put these types of questions in the main thread.

As for your issue. I do this (mode changes) on a daily basis, so it does work. Please share your piston if you are using WebCore so we can troubleshoot this.

As for the timeout, per the instructions, they are present in my WebCore and look like this:

I just tested these and they do work.

Could this be a case where you added the switch DTH AFTER you added it to WebCore? If so, some of the custom commands are not populated to WebCore until you remove and then re-add the switch in the WebCore app.

Could the issue also be that the parameters are changing but not reflecting in your mobile app? That is not a DTH issue but a refresh issue on SmartThings’ side.

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks that solved it. I didn’t know you had to remove add a device in webcore when you updated/changed a DTH

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