Double check status to make sure door is closed before it locks?

More than two years ago an updated removed a basic need for security functions.
The function is simple “if” the door sensors closes “then” in 5 minutes lock door “if” door shows closed at 5 minutes.

Fairly basic logic.
Dont lock the deadbolt if the door is open.

Hello SmartThings have you got a solution to this yet?

Any reason this wouldn’t work for your case? It’s doing the job for me; I have it wait 10 minutes at night and 1 hour during the day.


Yes winters in MN.
You carry in your groceries, its cold. VERY COLD, so you close the door during each trip.

At 5, 10, or 15 minutes the countdown to lock starts. But you go out again or you leave the door open because your wife is right behind you. The logic should #1 double check that the door is actually closed or #2 that you haven’t gone back out again and it should restart the timer.

The trigger isn’t “wait 5 minutes”. It’s “remains closed for 10 minutes”. It resets every time the contact opens. Note that unlocked needs to be set as a precondition.

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If thats true, then the deadbolt would never close if the door was open. Thats not what I’ve experienced as recently as this weekend.