Door lock with door sensor

I have Yale Door Lock and a door sensor, both installed to front door and connected to the ST hub. To make sure, the Yale lock will not lock if the door sensor is “open” status, (meaning door is not completely physically closed, there still some gap), could anyone advise whether we have any suitable SmartApps available in ST for the above purpose? Thanks

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I would ask this guy.


You can do that with this app:

You can configure it under Door Action to unlock the door if the door is left open. It can’t “prevent” you from locking the door but it will unlock the door if the door was left open (a crack like your said).

Having said that you need to ensure that you mount the sensor properly on your door so that it will only show the door as closed when it properly closed. A recessed sensor is good if mounted correctly. If you’re using an external sensor make sure it’s aligned so it reports closed only when it’s completely closed.

If you’re using a Yale lock, it comes with a add called a DPS (Door Position Sensor) module that can be added to some models. This allows you to use the built in sensor into the lock to sense when the door is completely closed.

If you’re using this add one module then you can use the Enhanced Z-Wave lock device handler that @mebejedi mentioned to expose that sensor to ST.

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Many thanks for your kind reply and comment

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Many thanks