Door Lock Guest Codes set and unset by some one/thing else (Feb 2023 and July 2023)

Hmm…I just tested both locks and was able to add new codes using SLGA. Were all your previous lock names changed to “Code X” and did you get them changed back? Your symptoms sound like there is a lock code in a slot but there is no lock code name in the lockCodes data structure. You might try a reloadAllCodes command to see if any additional code slot->code names get populated in lockCodes.

anybody else’s lock code names just get reset/renamed to Code 1, Code 2, etc.?

I hope samsung is fixing this… its ridiculous that a billion dollar company screws up something like this… actuality its very very poor they screwed this up. Its amazing that software is the only defective product that can be sold.

Yes, many people are experiencing this issue. There was a change in the latest code pushed to Wi-Fi hubs that was intended to fix the recurring resetting of the lock code names. The change apparently caused the lock code slot->lock code name associations to be deleted resulting in them being reset. Since setting them back to the code names I want and doing a bit of testing including rebooting my hub, they do not seem to revert to “Code X” anymore.

There is this and a couple of other topics discussing the issue and I’ve posted extensively about ways to deal with several variations of the reset behavior.

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There is no fix for the lock code name associations being lost and defaulting back to “Code X”. You will need to change them back using SLGA or the nameSlot command in the device view of the new ST Web App Advanced.

Try this driver for UltraLoq UBolt and Pro. It fixes many issues with the stock driver.

The issue with the lock codes being reset has nothing to do with any particular driver. It was a change in the Z-Wave default lock handler that was in firmware 47.10 pushed to Wifi hubs this week.

In Samsung wonders why they lost 96% profit.

oh no! will they go into bankruptcy over SLGA? :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


If they go into bankruptcy, its because people stopped buying thier products … not becasue of slga… but you have to wonder about the quality of their software engineers.

Not completely true. There are many issues with the stock driver that affect the names codes, not just the one that was identified and fixed. The stock driver has many redundancies in the code so when a bug is fixed in one part it’s doesn’t apply to all lock models / brands. We’ve rewritten swaths of the driver and also customized it to different locks model requirements. There are issues issues with out of order events which aren’t handled that cause missing name notifications, there are issues with handling invalid event parameters for some lock models which cause incorrect name to be reported. See the driver page above for more details

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Hi, @all4dom
We understand your frustration but there’s no need for creating conflict with other Community members, please.
This issue is already being reported, we’re collecting information from users, and you can also provide your information if you like.

We need:

  1. Support access to your account
  2. Hub logs (process depends on the type of Hub you have)
  3. Name of the Device with the issue.

If you’re willing to share that info, I can provide the steps for 1 and 2.

Listen, i didnt create conflict. I just traded my fold 3 recently for ultra 23. Just replaced bedroom fire tv with samsung tv. Im one of the many that support samsung but i really am angry when the lock codes get screwed up. I have nurses for my child ao i depend on that. Thats the only thing thats crucial for me. So its not creating conflict… its a lot of frustration because a sasmung employee will.not be the one that has to wake up to let a nurse in. Ill even take it a step further. … i was paying for @rboys software which worked flawlessly. You ahould have included him to avoid these problems. You bet im frustrated.

And please dont be selective because i wasnt the one who initially posted that word. I just responded to the post.

Sorry for the confusion, I mentioned that because of what you wrote before here not because of any other comments.

Have you tried the workaround mentioned by this other user that has the same issue?

No but im just going to recreate new codes if a nurses code fails. If that does not work then ill have to make rhem maybe come through the garage. They will have to just download the app.

I can report that after resetting my code names as I described, my housekeeper’s code worked just fine today. The actual lock codes in the lock(s) were not affected, only the code slot to code name associations.

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Hello RBoy, I purchased the driver subscription, installed the driver, and set the driver on the device from within the Web App Advanced (without exclusion and repairing). Some, but not all of my locks codes got renamed.

But most importantly, I can now add new codes from the SLGA!

I also appear to have access to more functions to run on the lock.

I should also note that the standard driver was often inverting whether this lock state was ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’, and I never receieved notifications about user events on this lock. On my Schlage locks I always had “user X locked X” push notifications, but on ultraloq, I never had these. I am hopeful that your driver will correct this.

Thank you for steering me in the right direction, I look forward to learning more about your tools.

@nayelyz so far the codes work. It tells me code # entered & what i do is just edite the code # with the nurses name. Thank you.

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