Does the Hue Bridge act as a zigbee (not ZLL) repeater?

I have searched but can’t find the answer definitively. Does the Bridge itself repeat the ‘normal’ zigbee signal to other non-hue zigbee devices in the same way that the plug-in Smartthings socket does, for example? Thanks.

No, it doesn’t.

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Thanks for the quick solution.

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If you want a little more detail, anything connected directly to the Hue Bridge creates its own ZigBee (ZLL) network separate from SmartThings ZigBee (ZHA) network. If you connected Hue bulbs directly to SmartThings, then those bulbs would instead be on SmartThings ZigBee network.

Most users recommend connecting Hue bulbs to the Hue Bridge (and not directly to SmartThings) for additional functionality and performance.

Yes, thanks. I was asking if the bridge itself acted as a ZHA repeater, which apparently it does not.