Does SONOFF S31 smart plug play nice with Xiaomi Aqara?

I am thinking of getting a SONOFF S31 Lite Zigbee Smart Plug, currently using an Ikea plug because they don’t cause Xiaomi Aqara to drop off the network. I like how it has a physical on/off button which the Ikea lacks. Do they place nice with each other?

@fubka Did you find out?
I am also considering buying this one and have the same question

Yes, I have two and they work great with Aquara devices. I can see devices attached through them and I have not had any issues with them dropping. They used to be $8 on Amazon but have gone up.

Thanks, I am in Canada and they are more expensive even though you can buy a pack of 4 for CA$52 (updated - initially checked by mistake which has a lower price)
I have an ikea tradfri repeater and it works great however a second one didn’t work (I live far from ikea so can’t return it).
I also have a sylvania lightify plug and even though it appears as a router it has never routed anything :slight_smile: