Do I need another Samsung Hub?

I have a two story home (main floor and basement). I recently got a Samsung Smart thing Hub that hooks up to my Nvidia Shield TV device on the main floor. All went good setting it up. I then got a Smart thing water leak sensor. Paired it to the hub as needed and all went good here. However, I was planning to use this to be placed near a water heater in the basement. After placing it next to the water heater, it then had trouble communicating with the hub upstairs.

I am now wondering if I maybe need another hub in the basement for this basement water leak sensor to connect to, right? I actually have a wireless internet router in the basement (as well as the main floor) so should be able to do it with no problem.

Or is there maybe another solution to this issue?

Yes, it’s all about having repeater (Z-Wave and Zigbee) devices in your SmartThings environment so that you build a strong mesh that reaches any part of your single house. No need (not normally) to add another physical hub. You will have to do some homework.

When @JDRoberts is feeling better, I suspect you will receive a nice detailed reply containing a lot more detailed information for different threads / links to assist you.


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But the following FAQs should help (this is a clickable link)

For the first one, start with post 11, then go back up to the top and read the whole thread

And then for A specific discussion of covering a big house, see the following:

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OK, I see how it works. Looks like I can add a Z-wave or Zigbee repeater in the basement and should then be able to connect the water sensor to this instead. I even see some that are a repeater with a built-in smart outlet. Thanks for the info

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