Distances and frequencies between Smartthings hub, Philips bridge, and wireless router

I’ve had occasional instances of devices (switches and Hue lights) not reacting to commands sent to Alexa, and read something about placing hubs and bridges too close to each other, and overlapping frequencies. Are there recommended minimum distances, and where do I find the frequency that my Smartthings hub is operating at? (I already know my wifi and Hues). Do the Hues channels correspond to wifi channels? (despite being different protocols) I have two wireless routers running, but one of them is on the same closet shelf as my Hue bridge and Smartthings hub. They are all within 4 feet of each other. Just wondering if it’s worth moving them to different locations.

Hue channels are zigbee channels. See the FAQ:

Your particular case, I would definitely create some additional space between your transmitters, you have them pretty close together. You may also want to consider channel changes. You can see your SmartThings zigbee channel in your smart things account in the IDE under the hub entries. You will not be able to change that one. You can see your hue bridge zigbee channel in the hue app, and you will be able to change that.

The following FAQ may also be of interest. Read post 11 first, then go back up to the top and read the whole thread.

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i changed my zigbee channel and also found that the best place for the hub was in the center of the house, center floor… with wired zwave sensors working outwords to maintain a good network. zwave plus makes it a lot better expecially on perimiter devices such as the mailbox and fence gate. my wifi 2.4 ghz is on channel 2 (only 2.4 interferes with zigbee), my zigbee is currently on channel is currently 24.

In contrast i find the best place for the wifi is upstairs center of house a good ways from the smart things hub. i also find this is the best place for the hue hub. I did have to briefly put them together ont he same router in order for smartthings to fine the hue hub…

to go from upstairs to downstair to the smarthings hub. i use the discontinued netgear over coax adapters . rock solid 250 meg sustainted connection… then i put another couple switchcs downstairs… I found the netger over powerline were crap, I have extra cable runs to each room as had direct tv (dual coax to each room) and comcast and got rid of directtv.