Discover Zigbee attributes of a Zigbee device


I have an Easy Access lock with a Datek ZigBee card installed.

Anyone have an idea on how to discover available attributes on a Zigbee device?

Want to modify the standard Zigbee Lock driver with these attrributes.

Missing the battery level.

It is hard to unpair / pair the device beacuse I have to dismatle the lock to get access to the pairing button.

The device is now running on an EDGE driver from SmartThings Drivers (Beta) Channel.

New to SmartThings.

I use deCONZ to investigate clusters and attribute values with a Zigbee USB stick on my PC.

Difficult to do in SmartThings. Theres no easy way to get details like that back from a device and present it to a user.

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