Disable motion without changing mode?


If I have a motion sensor in my downstairs living room that I only want to trigger lights when I’m not watching tv (have harmony ultimate w/hub integration) how do I disable that motion sensor when watching tv (which through harmony controls my lighting scenes) without having to switch modes?

If you’re not using a mode, whatever SmartApp is subscribed to that motion will need to have some logic in it to check to see if you’re watching TV.

You could do this with a virtual switch that gets turned on or off according to the state of your TV and then only have the lights trigger when that switch is off.

If you don’t feel like writing your own code, @bravenel has a “mode lighting” app that you could use. If you’d rather want to get your hands into custom app, here is what you need:

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Right…yes, I know it’s all mode dependent. Maybe I should have prefaced with “trying to question outside the box here…”

In order to bring a motion sensor in the mix I have to create another routine / mode so that motion sensor does not change the lighting…it seems like a lot of work to make sure the whole house lighting will work in that “would be” mode just so 2 lights won’t work in that mode…if you follow me.

you can write a smartapp that only subscribes to motion events when the TV is off, and then turns the lights on accordingly.


So I’ve not yet wrote my own smart app but really want to learn…but that’s the answer II was looking for…to see if what I was thinking was possible.

I’ve done a lot of VBA for work (I know apples / oranges) but point being that’s why I decided on SmartThings so I could eventually get into doing so.

Seems like this would be quite popular actually.

Thank you for your reply!