Devices with Edge Drivers go offline (October 2022)

Is anyone else having issues with devices going offline? Im talking multiple devices. smartthings, ikea, tp-link, aqara and more. light switches, buttons , bulbs, outlets, motion sensors, humidity sensors and more. Not mass offline at the same time. Ive tried rebooting hubs, re-onboarding , even deleting devices and reinstalling to hubs ( I have 2). still they go offline. some come back within a few minutes , others never come back without deletion or onboarding. Im pretty sure all my devices that show these symptoms are using edge drivers. also, many devices like bulbs are showing cycling on/off sometimes every 2 min or less in the history? anyone else having these issues?

Multiple people have been reporting issues with Zigbee devices, not just ones with edge drivers.

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I saw that but ive been having issues for 3-4 weeks now and only (i think) devices that are using edge drivers.

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i have a sonoff zigbee door (contact sensor) with the zigbee contact driver if quite often goes offline but if i use the zigbee contact mc driver it does not go offline .

I’m not seeing any new offline behaviour. My IKEA Motion Sensors using the beta Edge driver do go offline after a period of inactivity and recover as soon as motion is detected. However they’ve been doing that from day one, which was about a year ago. My Sonoff contact sensors also used to go offline, with less of an obvious pattern. They also would (usually) recover as soon as the door was opened but were more of a nuisance as it isn’t always convenient to open doors. However I haven’t seen them do that for quite some time and some logging I have running supports that observation.

Due to the zigbee firmware update I lost use of an Ikea 5-button remote and an Ikea motion sensor.

I’ve moved the motion sensor over to my HA setup, which uses a more modern Silicon Labs chip and/or firmware, and it’s working fine on that :man_shrugging:

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I had an Ikea shortcut button go offline then come back online. Then about a week later it went totally offline. I was using a custom Edge driver. I have not get around to rejoining it yet.