Devices that don't require a Neutral wire

Thank you for your information. Are these Smart Wall switch which can be controlled through mobile phone?

Yes, but they do use a bridge.

Because your devices are using Bluetooth and connecting directly to the phone, you have a point to make there.

(Although as soon as you introduce the ability to control the switches when you are away from the building, your devices also added some kind of bridge as well, even if it’s just a tablet.)

Your kickstarter page refers only to the Lutron Maestro. The newer Lutron Caseta line fills a number of the chart boxes that the maestro does not.

But I think we are getting a little far away from the topic of this thread, which is meant to be about practical solutions that people could install today for use with their SmartThings system. :sunglasses:

It might be better to start your own topic under devices:

Finally, the question I meant to ask earlier, how would your switch integrate with SmartThings? As a Z wave device, the Fibaro 212 dimmer works directly with SmartThings, and quite a few community members are using it now.

Sure. For Yoswit, the team is studying the available API by SmartThings and of course, we are targeting to work with SmartThings in 2017 and therefore we are here.

Btw, I cannot get any information from SmartThings product list to show Lutron Caseta Line or Fibaro product. Can you share me the link? Otherwise, when we do the research, we just wonder Lutron Caseta and Fibaro are not smart switch because there is no information in the website or catalog showing they are the smart switch which is compatible with SmartThings.

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Jasco just released a no neutral dimmer:

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Nice! :sunglasses: note that unlike their previous models, this one also works with a lot of dimmable LED ‘s. Looks like they picked up a couple of new patents as well.

And… This is a series 700 device. Among other things, the radio is smaller, so it should fit better in older switch boxes.

Now if someone would just release a no neutral zigbee dimmer…

this just landed on the uk market. Ive been waiting maybe 5 years for this exact device.

Ive bought a few of them and can confirm, in the uk atleast, they work like a dream.


Looks like Aqara has a new line of no neutral Zigbee 3.0 switches coming. A Polish site got hold of some of the beta versions and HomeKit news has an English article ,

following up from my post above about the integrated switch module, Ive also tried one of these.

can confirm they work in a no neutral config. Currently have one driving 10 GU10 dimming downlights in a kitchen without any issues at all. No buzzing, which has been a bug bear of mine with LWRF.

Its also 2 way, which is really helpful here in the UK as seemingly so many of our switches are wired to be controlled from 2 locations.

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@mkdr30 what type of switch are you using in front of it? Is it a UK ‘click and turn dimmer’ or push and hold?
I’m not after the dimming function and wondered if a traditional on/off will work.

BTW I see that company also do a ‘built in’ switch/ZigBee controller.

Hi Andy

I’ve blanked the switch plate off. All of our lights are automated now, using a combination of modes and lux for on / off and circadian coordinator for dimming across the day.

From the booklet that comes with it it looks to me like it needs a momentary push/hold rather than a sateful switch.

I have also bought a few of those integrated dimmers and can confirm they work brilliantly. Fit in a 35mm back box too

Bit nervous as they are a totally unknown company to me but on reflection there’s no guarantee with ‘established’ names either really

Am aware blanking plates are not best practice really, but I ran out of emergency test plates, which always look too utilitarian to me.

If I need to isolate I just throw the lighting breaker which is within a few meters.