device.windowShade will not discover on Alexa side

I’ve wrote my own DTH for Somfy myLink API. I am able to control all my shades with the new SmartThings app. Problem I’m having now is that I’m not able to make Alexa discover my shades from SmartThings.

I am aware there is a skill on Alexa side for the myLink but I do not want to is it. I want all the commands to control my house to go through SmartThings.

Anyone think of a reason that Alexa cannot discover device.windowShade. I was using device.switch but the new ST app really wasn’t cutting the control for it. By using device.windowShade I can use the new ST app to control Open, Close and Pause (Stop).

If you add capability “Switch” to your DTH, Alexa should find it as a switch.

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Perfect Thank you! That is what I’ve did wrong.

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