Device type preferences of type "password" should be hidden

(Minollo) #1

I have a couple of device types which have preferences of type password…
input(“TCpassword”, “password”, title: “Password”, description: “Your TC password”)
…and that password is displayed in clear when looking at my device’s details. I would expect a password is never displayed in clear on a page, unless I explicitly decide to do so.

Password Input Type Not Stored Securely
Input Type Behavior Not Matching Documentation
(Brock Haymond) #2

No kidding! I just noticed the same thing and created a topic for this also! I hope they can update this because right now it makes me quite nervous! +10! +10000000000!

(CG) #3

I’m surprised that this doesn’t concern more people. The documentation states that password fields are obscured in the UI, but have apparently been shown in plain text for almost a year.