Device firmware updates

I have several different versions of Zigbee bulbs. Mostly Philips Hue. I have one newer one that supports Bluetooth in addition to Zigbee. The other day I was re-pairing this bulb to Zigbee and had to connect to it via Bluetooth to reset it. When doing so I noticed that there was a firmware update. Is there any way to update, or even know if there are updates, to the firmware of other Zigbee bulbs and devices?

I see a ‘Allow device firmware updates’ option on the hub and have that enabled. Is this only for smart things brand devices? Do other manufactures provide firmware updates via smarthings?

It seems to me we should be keeping firmware up to date on our devices.

If you login to IDE at, go to the Devices section and click on any zigbee device… you can look for the firmware section. If firmware updates are supported for that device, you should see a few fields: current version, target version, last updated and last checked.

All zigbee-only Hue devices would require the Hue bridge for firmware updates.

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Not exactly true. You can update the newer Zigbee Hue bulbs via Bluetooth with their app :slight_smile:

Updated my post

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