[DEPRECATED THREAD] webCoRE design process

I like it, great to have the option between sync/async.

I joined in Oct 2016, starting out with 10 devices and now have well over 100. And could not done any of it without CORE. I have about 50 pistons running my home, so thank you for all you do. What I am doing at my house would not be possible without the coding you do.

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So tested text to voice last night, not sure if you have done anything with it yet. But just to let you know the wife and I got a good laugh out of it. When it speaks the text not only does it do that, but speaks part of your code as well. It was talking about colons and brackets and what not.

I am so good I even taught Sonos et al how to work with expressions. Can you please update to the latest version and try again? I believe the version that was published last night should have the parameters fixed. You also may have to go through all the parameters and reopen and save them. Also do a hard refresh on your browser (open console in Chrome, right click on the Refresh button and pick the last choice).

Last night’s progress…

v0.0.02c.20170310 - ALPHA - Various improvements and a new virtual command: Log to console. Powerful.

My favorite virtual command so far:

and the result:

PS For those who installed this before this version, you may find that you keep getting logged out. Please go to Smart App’s Settings and go to the password and reselect the expiration policy. That’s changed and ENFORCED now. Thank you.

PS2 Also do a hard refresh on your browser. In Chrome, open Console with F12 and right click on the refresh button and choose the “Empty cache and hard reload” option

I think I broke mine. I get this when I click on the piston name.

Sorry, an error occurred while retrieving the piston data.

44cdedde-f7d4-4681-97bd-0f38b69f6ead ‎10‎:‎54‎:‎40‎ ‎AM: error Dashboard: Authentication failed due to an invalid token

See the message above please. Reenter your password in the Smart App.

I just saw it after I hit Reply.

are you referring to chrome, tools, clear browsing data?

You don’t have to clear the browsing data. Some browsers allow you to disable the cache while having the console open - see the Network tab.

Sorry, when are are referring to console am I correct in assuming you are referring to where I build the pistons?

No, the browser’s Developer Tools. Press F12 on Windows or ALT+CMD+I on Mac.

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Please update to 02e

Sorry if this has been covered, there’s a ton of posts to dig through. Is this at a point where it can control actual devices? If so I may install and move a couple of my automations over.

It controls devices. I would not recommend moving automations over, as things may break while I refactor stuff to fit in features. But if you really really want, go ahead.

PS: timed conditions don’t work (was x for y, etc.), triggers don’t work, virtual commands don’t allow parameters yet (UI is not finished), lots of bugs. CoRE (SE).

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I’ll probably only move 1 or 2 of the less important ones over. I realize it’s still in Alpha release :wink: I want to start getting familiar with the new interface. Didn’t really have much desire to create pistons that couldn’t control anything but now that I can see real actual physical things happening I’m much more interested

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And you can now log stuff!

The “log” virtual command logs even if logging is disabled in CoRE. The logs also show in the IDE’s Live Logging.

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No one is excited about being able to log stuff, huh? :wink:


Me <3 logging

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Mee too! That’s how I learn programming LOL

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