[DEPRECATED THREAD] webCoRE design process

Of course! Seen that many times, Just didn’t occur to me to use it in this capacity. Thanks.


I understand how it works when using a variable list of devices. Unfortunately this doesn’t help my problem. I was addressing something that may or may not have been working correctly.

Ok. Does this following info help? @Kevin_Prefer

On the push notification, change message type to Expression. The following is the expression I use:

"Low battery on these devices: {deviceList}. Battery percentages are " + {[deviceList:battery]}

I guess your expression would be:

"Low light is " + {[@LowLight:illuminance]}

Because you want the illuminance figure, you need to encapsulate the variable call inside []

Found a minor display issue: when sending a notification to multiple contacts, the script shows ‘or’ rather than ‘and’ (the actual notification works correctly, this is only the display in the piston editor):

You can use the same expressions in the Value field, makes it easier to output strings:

As expression: "Low battery on these devices: {deviceList}. Battery percentages are " + {[deviceList:battery]}

As value: Low battery on these devices: {deviceList}. Battery percentages are {[deviceList:battery]}


As expression: "Low light is " + {[@LowLight:illuminance]}
As value: Low light is {[@LowLight:illuminance]}

Expressions do give you some assistance with typing.

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I dont know if this helps anyone, but I have put together a new topic with some of my WebCoRE pistons as examples for people to use? It is here - [DEPRECATED THREAD: visit community.webcore.co for assistance] WebCoRE - Example Pistons
Maybe we can all add to it to help build up an example list


I think you might be trying to explain this to the wrong person. I understand all that. But thanks

Tried installing webCoRE, but I get the following error.

I’m installing both SmartApps, and I’m ticking the “Publish” button.

Fixed it. Had to install one at a time, then go back and publish each one at a time.

Wait, what? Arguments are working in Pistons now?

Nobody knows…

$args contains the whole list of passed arguments, for easy debugging just log it to the console.

Access them either by selecting Argument instead of Value and type in the name of the argument, or use the system variable $args.name where name is the argument name. You can also use nested arguments:

Assuming received data:

   "message": "test",
   "obj": {
      "a": "1",
      "b": "2"

{$args.message} will return test
{$args.obj.a} will return 1
{$args.obj.b} will return 2

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So, what am I doing wrong with this loop. The goal is to have the kitchen lights come on independently and then have the Phillips hue strips cycle through colors on a continuous loop until the kitchen lights are turned off again.

Having async blocks inside a loop means you have no wait inside it, meaning it’s going crazy. Make the repeats themselves async and the blocks inside them synchronous. start with that and see what happens.

Remember, any async statement runs in its own “thread” and the total wait after it was executed is zero, that’s what async will do, it ensures the following statements are not waiting for this one to complete

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Yes thx I have it working

I see both Condition and Piston state change in there, have you tried removing the Condition State and only select Piston state?

**edit nevermind, I see Adrian is helping you…

Received an error tonight…

Make sure you are running the latest version, 092 or 093 I think? Check the IDE for line numbers please.

Do me a favor please, go and edit each task one by one, and just save them, then save the piston,does it fix it?

Running 093… I will go and edit each one… give me a sec…

Odd… checked each line in this piston and same thing… same setup, different lights…