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ok that worked, but it’s giving me the time for the last time ANY temp changed. I was looking for a different time for each sensor. When each sensor last changed. Any ideas?41 PM

I’m trying to create a piston where if I text my Ifttt number some text for example “kids go clean your room” it would then send those words to webcore and then I could make it play through my home speaker. I’m thinking it could be nice if I’m away from home and want any message to play through the speaker on the spot. In my mind it seems doable but I’m not exactly sure how to execute. ifttt has an sms and webcore has ifttt support… not too sure how to bring those 2 together.

You need

time($now - age([$device:temperature]))

Ok that fixed it. Thanks guys!09 PM

Put the word since between the temp and the time?

And just to throw another option out there…

formatDuration(age([$device:temperature]) ,false,'m')

looks like:


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@ady624 just helped me with this and it works great. Check out the instructions in 3853 & 3855

It can - when they used to call it a recipe, that was called an ingredient. I had that setup to scare my girls :wink: I was texting the number and CoRE back then would play it on the Sonos.

so in your ifttt recipe which applets are you using for if and then ? and who are you texting ?


I made both the IFTTT & WebCore Piston at the same time. Set up your SMS in IFTTT and it will text you a confirmation, that confirmation is the number you can text back to as "If Send XXX-XXX-XXXX any SMS from (Put your number here). Paste the URL from the webcore piston into the IFTTT.


Here is the piston as well I created from @ady624’ instructions.

OH! You need to have LanNouncer set up too. I set up a tablet at my house and when I text the IFTTT # the tablet speaks what was typed.

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okay okay I get it so the if would be using the sms applet and the then would be the webhooks. so {'message":“message”} is that what allows the words in the text message to be included in the body being posted to webcores url?


I’m having a problem with the light turning off after 30 seconds. It just stays on…

thank you very much I got it all working now

try setting task cancelation policy to never at the with on line 23

That worked…but why?

The sensor going inactive changes the condition, then the timer cancels.

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Does anyone have issues with their pistons that use Hex color code instead of color name?
This seemed to appear tonight. I have also updated to the latest version of webCoRE.

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What kind of issues?

Piston states:

Piston state: 9:21 P.M. Utility Room | BR One | BR Two | #e2bd08 !important; ">Utility Main: 80% | #e2bd08 !important; ">BR One: 80% | #e2bd08 !important; ">BR Two: 80% | #e2bd08 !important; ">BR Three: 80%

Piston state: Kitchen Light: #10ABCD !important; ">SunSet. #e2bd08 !important; "> Level: 0% on Fri, Jul 28 2017 @ 9:30:09 PM EDT.

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I was getting the same until I updated to the most recent webCoRE Piston smart app from yesterday. Back working again now.

Ady, I would like to know how to implement the new rangeValue and rainbowValue please.