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looks like i may be the only one using the osram lightify dimming switch. :slight_smile:

@ady624 any thoughts on why the button clicks don’t register in webcore? … and if possible a fix would be much appreciated.

thank you.

not sure if this a bug or my piston setup but I get two push notifications for the first ‘do action’ with text ‘*.one time’ but on the ‘last/final do action’ the push notification only happens once (once is desired behavior). if this a known issue, my bad on the duplicate post, but If possible can I get the link to see the known issues so I don’t create other duplicate post? :sweat_smile:

I took the anonymized photo, @ady624 but if you need the actual piston for debugging PM and will send your way.

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I want the kitchen Lights to turn on when motion is detected and turn off when there is no motion after 2 minutes. The problem is I want to restrict it from triggering if the lights are already on. The reason for that restriction is I have to have the sensor at the entrance to the kitchen and I don’t want the lights to turn off while I’m cooking because it can’t see me. Anyone know how I could solve this problem? Your help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Add the current status of the kitchen light as a condition so if it’s already on, then the task(s) shouldn’t execute. Something like…

thanks @ady624 for the trim*() functions. here’s my first use to build a text list of phones that are home and save as piston state. (all my phones are named Name’s iphone so i use “’” to get the name from the device name)

@anon36505037 i had ordered xiaomi motion sensor and contact sensor from the link you had shared. these things are indeed tiny. do you know if the batteries in the motion sensor are replaceable?

puzzling over the motion sensor cant seem to find any way to open it to replace the battery. the contact sensor does seem to have that option.


This piston saved about three hundred dollars worth of food.

Got a note that fridge reached 50 degrees…then 51 then 52. Then it took a massive permanent petrified dump. Luckily we were home when this all went down. It was a Saturday evening. (We knew the fridge was on its last leg for awhile. )

We loaded all the food in coolers and went fridge shopping.

Thanks @ady624. Not only was my bacon and worchestershire sauce saved, but my wife actually said “well, one of your stupid sensors saved our food.”

Its an iris contact sensor stuck to the inside of the fridge with 3m tape.

Now that we have a new fridge, the need for a sensor inside the fridge has decreased. Thinking about moving it to the attic to see how hot it gets. Just because I can.


Please tell your wife I said “you’re welcome” :wink:


Here ya go. If that’s the one you have. I can’t understand him tho.lol

thank you @Jeff_Inderbitzin … i just played it with sound off and all made sense. :wink:

@cozdabuch This should work now. Make sure you define the variable as an integer type.

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Also please tell her I said “your husband should buy some more devices. As many as he needs.”

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what is the difference between automatic piston state and disable(d) automatic piston state?
What would be a use case difference?

Also when opening a piston, the properties in the top right:
Execution method
Task cancellation policy
Task execution policy
What are these settings and what do they do / how are they used?

Here is an example of pistons with disable automatic state. You can create a more informative dashboard experience.

As for the rest of your questions I suggest you read up on the wiki

Ok that makes sense… But where do I add the task to turn on the lights if motion is detected and turn off after 2 min of inactivity? Thank you for your help!

Not wishing to steal @eibyer’s thunder, but you could inport this.
Change and delete devices where necessary.

Does the first part of this Piston ever get evaluated? Looking at the Trigger at the bottom if vs the conditions at the top if. In my experience…

Edit, I see the disable automatic piston state and disable command optimization…What exactly do these do? Seems like none of this would be needed if the first if argument simply says "Motion Sensor changes to active…

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Works perfectly. While there is motion in the 90 second window it stops the ‘inactive for’ timer.
I’ve a number written this way.

Seems like a cleaner way would be:

Motion is active
Switch is On
Using Switch
Set level

Motion is inactive
Switch is on
Using Switch
Wait 90 seconds
Turn Off

I don’t understand all the extra stuff. Could you explain your logic? (Learning experience for me)

One last thing, I understand the bottom section works. However, I do not understand why the top section works as it has no trigger action like the bottom does.

From my experience, once you add a trigger in another “If”, then if there are “only conditions” in a separate “If”, then that “If” never get evaluated. (Top Section has no Lighting Bolt)

Has this changed?