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[DEPRECATED Thread: visit for assistance] webCoRE - Piston Design Help (ask your fellow members for assistance)

OK, I misunderstood what you meant by IDE. I went to ST IDE and it reports the Ring battery is 66%, but the Ring App on my phone reports 42%.

Webcore pulls that data. So either the Device handler is reporting it to ST wrong or the app is wrong. But webcore is doing its part

There is no movement towards that outcome. So webcore will always be dependent on the cloud

Thanks. I understand that webcore is doing what it’s supposed to. maybe I’m asking in the wrong sub.

Do you know what the device type handler it is using for the ring? Is it custom or did it load with SmartThings. Is there one from Ring?

It’s been a very common request for more and more things to run locally on the hub itself. The issue with webCoRE (and other 3rd party apps) is that they themselves run in the cloud.

The best advice so far has been to keep your critical routines in ST itself using devices and device handlers that run local. There is a list of those handlers and devices here: FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers

I’ve been trying to make as many of my devices run local (and using the SmartLighting smartapp) for my “critical” routines. So far, I have about 40% of my devices running locally.

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I saw another post regarding core, which got me thinking of an idea that seems pretty easy. I have multiple ge/jasco switches. I usually keep the indicators off, the led’s annoy me a bit. But if you could turn on indicators, when the mode is night, and the switch is off, and then set them back to Never when the mode is not night, that might be cool for finding switches at night in the dark. Or maybe even based on motion during night mode. Might be an interesting piston. Not everyone wants to turn on lights at night, but maybe turning on the indicators would be good for guests

It’s using a RING Doorbell Type. I didn’t add a custom one, so I assume it’s the native one.

Could someone post an example of a piston that uses life360 for prescence sensing? I’m running into a hickup that I think an example might help with.

They should show up just like any other presence sensor. Nothing unique about them in webCoRE as far as I know. I do nothing different whether I’m using my iPhone as a presence sensor or Life360 as presence.

I’m having issues with global variables. I calculate its value then send it in a notification. When I look in the Global Variables list the value remains unchanged. The variable@Value_13a_flow is not set in any other piston. When this first happened I added the a after 13 to make sure it wan’t referenced anywhere else.
I do similar triggers for 11 other valves and don’t have a problem.

do x2 Set variable {@Last_flow} = {@Valve_13a_flow}
do x2 Set variable {@Valve_13a_flow} = {Substring(Concat(Format(’%05d,’,Ceil(Round({@Valve_13_Gallons}))),{@Last_flow}),1,35)}
do Send notification Valve 13 Gpm={@Valve_13_Gpm} Flow={@Valve_13a_flow}

Here is what was sent in the notification: Valve 13 Gpm=6.2 Flow=0186,0314,
Here is the value shown in Global Variables: string @Valve_13a_flow=0314,

@ady624 any thoughts on why I can’t measure rain as a fuel stream. This worked until about 2 weeks ago.

Then it must be getting reported differently to the app and to ST.

Hi Again. Is there a way to add phone device battery to this? When I did, I always get 0%(whether I use the phone device, or life360, both display battery in their respective apps.)

@RLDreams @Royster Does anybody have a Samsung speaker? R1 R3 or R5?

I just got a Samsung R3 speaker and I successfully have it notifying me when my Thermostat changes using the “speak and resume” command.

My question is if I am streaming Pandora via Bluetooth and I get that notification, then it will not go back to playing Pandora.

Presumably because the input is Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi.

Is there anyway around this?

In general, I’m trying to learn as much about the speaker and it’s capabilities as possible. Anybody know how I can call an MP3 from the Internet?

If you can see it in the ST IDE under devices/current states then the answer is yes you can

Bummer, it only has presence listed. Strange we can’t pick up the phones battery level.

I gave up on the resume. Just designated 1 just for ST announcement & use the rest for music.
ST was always breaking the group, not turning the volume back down, turning up volume for announcement on only one, etc etc

I believe I figured it out myself. I’ll see how this works tonight.

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Checking my syntax here, I’m getting the error invalid attribute:
previousAge([MikesHome : presence])
Is there a reason why?
My understanding is say I would switch presence to present, the value above would return the age of not present.