[DEPRECATED] Smartthings + Alexa + Harmony Hub -- 2017 Guide

Dosn’t this completed turn off TV?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Harmony is a state machine. If the previous activity required the TV to be on, it would turn off. What’s your actual question because your response doesn’t really make any sense. You asked “How do you turn off the activity that is active”. I told you how but then you’re confused that the devices would actually turn off. Are you actually asking how you “switch” activities?

Turn off the current activity. Yes, it means turn off the TV and the activity that’s active on Harmony hub. There are several ways of doing it.

In my system, when I tell Harmony either through Alexa directly for the first hub or through Alexa and ST for the second hub to turn off TV it also turns off the activity. When I start again, I have to tell it what to start as activity. Also, when setting activities in Harmony I edited power option for some devices (TV and audio for example) to keep them ON when switching activities.
Never had a failure.
By design also, Harmony can only have one activity active at any given moment.

I could not find the Harmony Skill in the App or by search features

here is a link to enable it

Here is an new app that handles multiple Harmony Hubs seamlessly based on their location in the house with no additional virtual devices involved - just the Harmony connected hubs and the EchoSistant 4.0 custom skills app.

EchoSistant changes that! Tell Alexa to turn the TV on in the bedroom and it starts the LAST ACTIVITY…My kids love this, as it always starts on what matters most to them …Netflix! :slight_smile:

May be off topic but I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere. Autovoice for Android now supports Alexa. Using Autovoice and Harmony Tasker plugin, you can easily send any device command to your harmony with Alexa. I set it up today and was up and running in minutes! Love it.


Here is the step-by-step instructions to use multiple Harmony hubs with EchoSistant

Thanks for the info!

I was able to use Yonomi to trigger activities for multiple Harmony Hubs.

Still trying to get the Favorite Channels for Roku and TV all working. Alexa works for “ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS” but doesn’t work with “Fox, Fox TV, Fox Channel”. Can’t tune TV to “Channel Five, Channel 14, etc”. Have to figure out just the right wording?? Sling TV is one Roku channel that isn’t working, tried “Sling, Sling TV, Sling TV Channel”.

I’m confused.

  1. When Harmony is connected to ST, is the virtual switch that is created in ST for each Harmony activity a toggle switch or a binary switch?

  2. I want to create a “Watch TV” routine or activity where my lights are also turned on and dimmed, but only after sunset. Is the recommended way to do this through a ST routine, or a Harmony activity?

Thank you

I honestly don’t get why you cant have two activities (or more) running simultaneously without interfering with each other. I have a multi zone avr with multiple TV’s and when I turn the living room tv off for example if someone is watching in the bedroom it also shuts off.

That’s the only thing about the harmony hub I don’t like.

It’s not the hub, it’s the remote that Logitech limits in functionality.

That’s because your avr shuts off. Go to power options for avr in Harmony and select to keep on when changing activities

Use the switches in ST that are created when you connect harmony. Setup rules to do what you want when a harmony activity switches on. Make sure you refer the ST switches in the harmony activity per below to ensure you have realtime response from ST

I mean if I tell alexa to end my living room tv activity it turns off all my zones. I may have to just keep the AVR on always on to avoid this.

Hi all, would like to ask you guys a noob questions. is smartthings hub UK version (the one that comes with 3 pin plug) compatible to amazon echo dot? i cannot find the compatible device list in this link: https://www.smartthings.com/uk/compatible-products

is Amazon echo dot only compatible to ST hub US version? thank you for your help

It is compatible I am using a uk hub and us echo dot

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hi thanks for the quick reply. how about the logitech harmony hub? any idea? thank you!

It should work as harmony is listed as one of the items in the smartthings app, I am waiting for my harmony hub to be delivered from us though

thanks a lot for the answer!