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[DEPRECATED] Free Meteobridge Weather Station 1.0.*

(Jack R) #22

Yahoo!! Yep. It was the older software. You should add to your setup instructions that meteobridge is on SW version XXX or later.

Thanks for your help

(Barry) #23

Updating the docs now…thank YOU for working through it with me…


How does this differ from WeeWX?

(Barry) #25

WeeWX is standalone software that interacts with your weather station; this SmartThings DTH allows you to see and write SmartThings programs (using Groovy or WebCoRE) using the weather info from your Meteobridge-connected weather station.


Can I switch out the weather underground with darksky?


Hi @storageanarchy,

I’m attempting to port this code to Hubitat, which I know isn’t something you’re going to provide support. But I’m curious about the field “Meteobridge Setup: Setup meteobridge access”. I can’t figure out what this is for based on code…


Doesn’t SEEM to be needed based on what I just got.

Curious, have you tested this against a Meteobridge Nano or Pro? I have a Nano SD (tied to a Vantage Vue) and it’s dumping out:

**"forecast":{"text":"[forecast-text:]","code":[forecast-rule]},"current":{"date":"[M]/[D]/[YY]","time":"[H]:[mm]:[ss] [apm]","humidity":[th0hum-act=.2:null],"indoorHum":[thb0hum-act=.2:null],"temperature":[th0temp-act=F.2:null],"dewpoint":[th0dew-act=F.2:null],"heatIndex":[th0heatindex-act=F.2:null],"windChill":[wind0chill-act=F.2:null],"indoorTemp":[thb0temp-act=F.2:null],"indoorDew":[thb0dew-act=F.2:null],"highTemp":[th0temp-dmax=F.2:null],"lowTemp":[th0temp-dmin=F.2:null],"rainfall":[rain0total-daysum=in.3:null],"rainLastHour":[rain0total-sum1h=in.3:null],"evapotranspiration":[sol0evo-act=in.3:null],"rainRate":[rain0rate-act=in.3:null],"pressure":[thb0seapress-act=inHg.2:null],"windGust":[wind0wind-max10=mph.2:null],"windAvg":[wind0wind-act=mph.2:null],"windDegrees":[wind0dir-act:null],"windSpeed":[wind0wind-act=mph.2:null],"windDirText":"[wind0dir-act=endir:null]","pressureTrend":"[thb0seapress-delta1=enbarotrend:N/A]","dayHours":"[mbsystem-daylength:]","highHum":[th0hum-dmax=.2:null],"lowHum":[th0hum-dmin=.2:null],"sunrise":"[mbsystem-sunrise:]","sunset":"[mbsystem-sunset:]","dayMinutes":[mbsystem-daylength=mins.0:null],"uvIndex":[uv0index-act:null],"solarRadiation":[sol0rad-act:null],"lunarAge":[mbsystem-lunarage:],"lunarPercent":[mbsystem-lunarpercent:],"lunarSegment":[mbsystem-lunarsegment:null],"moonrise":"[mbsystem-moonrise:]","moonset":"[mbsystem-moonset:]","isDay":[mbsystem-isday=.0],"isNight":[mbsystem-isnight=.0]}}**

So clearly it’s not grabbing expected data…

(Barry) #29

I just posted an update (1.0.31) that re-enables DarkSky as an option for the Forecast source. You will also need your own DarkSky key.

(Barry) #30

I’m not sure where you are seeing that text, but that is just the template that is going to be requested from your MeteoBridge/Hub/Nano/Pro…

(Barry) #31

That specific input command is merely printing some text and creating a logical break in the preferences page (since you can’t use pages, this is a little trick).

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I do not have a PWS, so will have to go a different route on this one.


Hmm… it shows up when I turn on debugging. It looks like it’s reporting what the meteoTemplate fields are.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be grabbing actual data from the meteobridge. I need to dig into what it’s actually doing a bit more.

Could be I’m not doing something right with conversion. Need to dig more.



works perfectly with my ST setup…

for whatever reason, it’s failing on Hubitat. getting a

meteoWeatherCallback() - Missing hubResponse.json (200)

Similar on purple air response (though that might be because of the name of the sensor…)

(Barry) #35

I’m pretty sure that the asyncHttp call is slightly different on Hubitat (different name, perhaps?). IIRC, the required include/import file is also named differently.


yeah. it’s just asynchttpGet. it’s working for DarkSky. Maybe I’m miss understanding the Sensor ID bit for purpleair… I’ve got it as “LRAPA-Springfield City Hall”

(Barry) #37

PurpleAir sensor IDs are a 4-5 digit number - you want the first of the pair that will appear in the JSON list of devices from PurpleAir.


Thanks. I figured that was likely the issue. Got the proper ID now.

Alright… now I just gotta figure out why Hubitat isn’t getting response from Meteobridge.

(Barry) #39

OK, try this:

  1. Log in to your MeteoBridge/WeatherBridge from your (local) web browser
  2. Edit this URL to use your *Bridge IP address, then enter the modified string in your browser (it is a single, long string):

You should get back a JSON report of the relevant data points…note that this operation can take a LONG time (7-10 seconds or so). You might want to add a check to see if the asynchttp() call is getting a timeout…

(Fernando Fuentes) #40

Thank you so much for this! I was not sure what I was going to do given that the weather tile 2.0 is just broken. I run a meteobridge and hub at home…

My weather site: and


yup, got good data back, so that’s working.

it could indeed by the asynchttpget… but that only seems to come into play with purpleair and darksky. The call to the actual meteobridge doesn’t seem to use a get…