[Deprecated] EchoSistant Version 1.2.0

I love this app!

I ran into an issue when I was trying to add a contact from my address book. The app crashed, uninstalled itself, and killed the Profile I created making the token an App ID invalid. I had to revoke and replace the that data in the function.

Oh wow… that’s crazy…

I’ve not been able to text the contacts address book at all… It’s not installed on my system… Though, I know it’s crazy buggy and that could be why it is doing this…

But wait till Version 2.0 “AWESOME”

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Did I mention that I LOVE THIS APP?

I’ve been playing around with it for the past few hours. I don’t even have speakers yet, but I’ll be getting a Sonos tomorrow :grin:


@bamarayne made me get a couple of speakers and a few dots with his idea. This app is FUN!

don’t forget you can install landroid and bluetooth your phone to the echo… then the tts comes out of it.

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Has anyone had trouble getting EchoSistant to work in CoRE?

CoRE doesn’t seem to think I have the EchoSistant SA installed.

that’s because you do not have the version that has core enabled…

but you will soon

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Oooooh, okay. I thought I missed something. I’m so impatient :disappointed_relieved: :joy:

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Please close this thread as this version is no longer active.

All, new version is out. Enjoy…