[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Ah thanks for confirming. So basically no “passive” mode for pure motion detection w/o the recording and notifications… at least for now. It would be awesome if they added a feature to allow for that. As well as a feature to allow for adhoc/on-demand recording.

I don’t own this yet but by this do you mean the camera needs to be armed to do this or the entire smartthings system needs to be in armed mode?

Individual cameras, think of it as enable motion sensor or disable motion sensor reporting.

Just got an email from Blink. Outdoor camera available for preorder for Q1 Delivery. There was a coupon code for 20$ off for existing customers too. 99$ after the discount

Details & Rules About the Blink XT Pre-Order Offer

  1. When will I receive my Blink XT promo code?
    We estimate that we will send out promo codes for Blink XT after the promotion has ended in January. This is not final and is subject to change depending on the shipment of Blink XT.

  2. When will my card be charged for Blink XT?
    When it is shipped to you in Q1 – exact delivery date is TBD.

  3. When will I receive Blink XT?
    We are estimating customers to receive Blink XT in Q1.

  4. Do I need a sync module?
    Yes you need a sync module in order to use Blink XT. All pre-order promotions do not come with a sync module but it is compatible with existing sync modules.

  5. What Countries is this available?
    This pre-order promotion is available in the United States. Click here to be notified when we have a global Blink XT pre-order offer.

  6. How will it ship?
    When the camera is ready, you will select your preferred shipping method. Please note, shipping and handling not included in pre-order price.


Unfortunately, you don’t seem to be able to preorder kits with the Blink XT, just individual cameras. In my case, I already have 10 cameras on my Sync module and need another Sync module. I’d prefer to save on a bundle of a sync module and 2 or 3 cameras. I also don’t see an option to order just the Sync module, which they used to have.

You can order an indoor camera bundle and get an outdoor camera discounted as part of it, its all on https://blinkforhome.com/pages/pre-order. That way you’ll get the sync module.

I’m just waiting for some love to come over to the UK, I actually need an addional outdoor camera.



Yes, I know you can do that, but I already have 10 indoor cameras and am not willing to buy more. It boggles my mind why they wouldn’t have a 2 or 3 camera Blink XT kit for preorder. I already emailed Blink asking about purchasing just the sync module and that I am disappointed they don’t have an XT kit for preorder.

I went to order five but the promo code only works on the first camera in a multiple order. So I submitted five separate orders with the promo code. I didn’t see anything limiting one promo code per customer.

Here are the features:

Blink’s newest outdoor camera takes everything you already love about Blink and makes it even better.

  • Infrared night vision so that you can instantly know what’s happening at home, inside and outside, day and night.
  • Weatherproof, it is built to deliver clear, HD quality video right to your smartphone, even on the not-so-clearest of days.
  • Turn off the blue recording light for the ultimate in discreet security.
  • Can be added to any existing system, or can be the start of a new one, you choose.

Enjoy the same Blink-family features including: two-year battery life on two AA lithium batteries, easy do-it-yourself setup, Alexa integration, scheduled arming, motion-triggered video alerts, live streaming, free cloud storage, and built-in temperature sensor and microphone.

Looks like they removed the white LED light in favor of infrared night vision.

I assume the sync module still cannot be outside.


So, can I have two sync modules in my home? How does that work? Can I see all from the one app, and will it show up on RBoys handler?

You can have unlimited sync modules and the SmartApp will detect them and
add the cameras automatically. Once you’re done adding them and configuring
through the Blink native app just open the SmartApp and it should detect
the new cameras on the new SM and hit done. That’s it.

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I can’t figure out how to just pre-order the XT alone. I don’t need another sync module or an indoor camera. But from how I read things it seem like you can’t actually pre-order the XT at all right now–just new indoor kits that will come with a promo code to get a discount on the XT later. Unless I’m very confused…

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There are three promo codes - you need the third one (the last one on the right).

EDIT - And they fixed it so the discount applies to >1.

The email Blink sent to current users contains a code for $20 off each camera. The site is a little confusing because there are NO preorders for Blink XT kits - you can only order the Blink XT camera individually and also, the sync module has disappeared from their store. I emailed Blink about this and they said the following:

  1. They aren’t offering Blink XT kits yet because they want to ensure they provide as many Blink XT cameras to their customers as possible.
  2. The sync module is still for sale but not on the page. They sent me a link and it is $50. For that price, I might as well just order a 1 camera kit and eBay the camera or use it elsewhere. I already have 10 Blink cams on my sync module and need another sync module.
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Just an update for UK Users (or anywhere else for that matter).

I’ve just spoken with Blink and they are providing a mailing list for people who want to pre-order the outdoor and arent in the US - https://blinkforhome.com/pages/blink-xt-global-pre-order-alert

That way you will know when they are out in your region.


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Ah, thank you. I saw the web site link before I saw the one in my Inbox, so I was a bit confused. The links in the email are different, that was the key part I was missing. Thanks!

YMMV but I reached out to Blink directly inquiring about the “promotional discounts” they’re sending out to new and existing customers. I argued my case about just purchasing a 5 camera system and how, if I would have known I could have gotten an outdoor camera for free, I would have just waited. I did purchase with the $60 discount though, so I also pointed out that I think it would be fair if they could offer me the outdoor camera for just $60 (versus the $99 that they want to charge with discount). They agreed that this would work out. I think this should be the offer they extend to all existing customers, or at least those who purchased the 5 camera system. It’s a win-win for them because they’ll get the exposure they should want (and need) with existing customers who already have the system in place. I’m still waiting to hear back on the details but hopefully this all works out. I especially think this is a good rate to get in at as a ST user - a lot of this stuff is new territory so our participation can only help them in the long run. A 50% discount (and probably only for one camera too) for this type of user isn’t asking much.

I have a question I feel dumb asking. I have a blink camera outside my front door and a lifx bulb there. I want the bulb to turn on with smartthings when the camera detects motion. It works for the most part, however the light seems to turn on only after the camera is done recording about 10 seconds. How can I rig the light to turn on immediately when the camera detects motion that way it can record with good lighting at night?

Blink will not turn it on in time for motion. Blink cameras take a video recording, upload it to the cloud, and only than will use the motion event to triger the light.

Just what I was waiting for…EXCEPT I LIVE IN THE UK! :imp:

I recently bought these and lifetime of you apps. I have a request for functionality in the smartapp.

I would like to have the blink take and store a picture once per minute while in a certain mode. I don’t know if this can be done and am no good with programming.

I ask because I use the camera to keep an eye on my dog with anxiety and I would like to know if he’s been moving around a lot while I’m gone or if he hasn’t. He does not set off the motion sensor most of the time.

Let me know if this is something your interested in

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