Deeper information about hubsoapaction and hubaction commands?

How can I get deeper information about Smart app /device type development language and commands ?
I am specifically searching deep information about hubsoapaction and hubaction commands. The information supplied on following pages are not sufficient because I have a problem using it specified way.

documentation I reached:

my problem :

nobody knows about this ?

please help me. I believe this is a simple question for someone who knows the internals of the ST commands.

am I invisible ? :blush:

can someone give me an example of working hubaction command with raw data as in my example ?

I think you are just the first person trying to use the features in this way, hence people cant comment usefully. The one thing I can comment on is about the parse function not returning anything:
If this is a problem that you are facing then I find that you should try using IP:PORT in hex rather than MAC in hex. (in other words on port 80 would be COA80111:0050 rather than C0A012B57D as the MAC). To use the MAC you need to have a very reliable and customisable SSDP and mDNS broadcaster in the router (which you probably dont have).

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well, I am not using the MAC. I amalready using the IP:PORT in hex.

this is in my device config. But how do I change it in my hubaction request ?

Also, about your comment "the first person trying to use the features in this way"
may be that’s correct but there must be someone who knows the commands. actually, I would expect better documentation but there’s not…

Please be aware you’re posting in a user forum. This is not an official SmartThings Support channel, although SmartThings staff occasionally visit here.

You might have better response contacting SmartThings Support…

actually I had tried that. got no answers so far.
btw, I am open to any suggestions. I can use any other method as long as it fits the requirement of my router.

Yes Ive found the documentation pretty infuriating and either missing or out of date, but its a very large platform to provide support on so in some ways I understand.

I might have to use similar features for another new project of mine so will have a play over the next few days and see if I find anything out and pass it on of course.

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still could not find how to do this.
please someone help me.

this is what I got from Smartthings support :

Hi there,
Thanks for writing in! Sounds like you have a great idea going!
We do not have many resources available to help with developing your own smart app, for that I’m very sorry.
The first place I’d direct you is to the developer docs, located here.
I would also highly recommend reaching out to the community for further help. We have developer advocates who are active on the forums and will better be able to assist you in resolving any errors and getting your app running.
Let me know if you have anything else I can help you with, it would be my pleasure.
Support Tech

I’d appreciate any help please…

I have finally managed to solve this.
I needed to use semi raw version of a hubaction command.
so the body is formed separately and headers are written one by one.
this way it worked for me.