Debugging: Local lan data not being sent to parse

I’m trying to debug an issue i’m having with the MQTT Bridge. The server is POSTing data to the smarthings hub at port 395000 and smarthings is responding back with HTTP 202 accepted (i can captured the data via tcpdump). But the smarthings is not calling the parse function within the device handler.

I’ve searched the forums and found several threads

Everything i’ve seen says to set the DNI of the device to the MAC address of the sender. I’ve tried that without any luck. My devices are on 2 separate VLAN’s so i tried the MAC address of the gateway that the smartthings hub is connected on as well, also with no luck.

I also tried this “C0A80130:0051” which is (the source), again without any luck.

My assumption is with the MAC address it has to be on the same network. My next step i think is to put them on the same VLAN, but i’d really like to avoid that.

Edit Switching them to the same VLAN worked, they must be on the same network.