Deals: Batteries for things (mostly U.S.)

This is good info. I’ve been using these for years at $2.30 each. They last a long time though.

I’ve had them in a several sensors for a cpl months they seem to performing pretty well. All are 98% or more.
I use to go through a lot of batteries and started thing about the environmental impact they have since no one recycles them… I switched to rechargeables for all my devices (IoT, TV remotes, candles, etc. )

My 8 came in today with the charger, and I’m good to go. I also go through a lot of batteries, and most of them are CR2’s. I’m hoping these work out so I can get more and just rotate RCR’s vs throwing more trash out.

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looking for a good deal on CR123A batteries. I’m seeing about $1.50ish each for 20 count Panasonic Lithium on ebay.

As noted above, there are unfortunately a lot of Panasonic counterfeits out there, I wouldn’t buy any off of eBay. :disappointed_relieved:

As @jlv noted in the first post above, Tenergy is a good value brand and you can get it sold by the manufacturer at Amazon. Or if you have a Costco membership, as I mentioned, I like the Kirkland brand.

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looks like the 40/tenergy are $52 +tx now, but will still try them.

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Be useful to title this US battery deals :wink:

No reason it has to be, community members from other countries are free to add posts as well. :sunglasses:

I hear is a good site for deals on genuine batteries in the UK, but I don’t have any personal experience with them.

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I did write in the OP “Please add any you find.”. But, I guess adding the location of the deal would be useful.

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Also, I mentioned Costco upthread, and they are available in the UK as well. And as mentioned, their Kirkland brand is generally very good value if you are a member. :sunglasses:

And 19 months later, the first part of this experiment comes to a close. Today the contact sensor with the RCR2 battery stopped reporting. It was showing 0% battery for the last week (*), so I knew it’s days were numbered. The other paired contact sensor with the CR2 is still showing 87% battery, but I don’t believe that. I’ll update again when that one dies.

IMHO 19 months for the rechargeable lifetime is pretty great. I have 25 RCRs left to deploy (as I got them just after I bought a 24 pack of CR2s), but I’m happy enough that I’ll probably buy 40 more when I’ve deployed all those. (I have about 80 Iris sensors that use CR2s).

Edit: I just noticed I can subscribe&save the batteries for 5% off. I’ll do that and buy 8 a month for a few months.

(*) in the future I will recharge the RCR2s before they completely die. I only did that for this test one.