Day of Week

Evening All,

I would like to schedule an alarm for certain days of the week. For example Tues, Wed, and Thurs I would like my good morning scene to run at 05:45 and on Monday and Friday I would like that same mode to run at 06:00 but I cant seem to figure out how to get the current day of week. Any idea?

OK so this is what I am now doing to get the curent day of week: timeToday(timeOfDay)-1).format(“EEEE”). In this example, “timeOfDay” is user provided. What do all of you think of getting the current day of week this way? Is there a better way?

check out the cron section in the developer documentation and then go here for an easy way to set it up.

Rock On!!! Thanks Emerson. I totally forgot about cron jobs.

Hi guys, have you actually gotten this to work? I went the cj route and so far no luck.

Ronny… I plan to try this out tonight and will post back my results.


I never actually got around to trying this. Still planning on it though.