Dashboard - ridiculous

Find it maddening that I still can’t add lights to the dashboard. especially when Smartthings/Samsung advertises images that suggest you can.

Ummm, that picture you posted is simply the contents of a “Room” which can easily be done today. In fact, that has worked this way since v2 of the phone app was released.

I agree that the old dashboard had its pluses, and I’m not sure why they yanked it out for the v2 hub adopters.


Thanks, Dan. Fair comment. I just don’t understand why I can’t quickly see a PFE that shows me which lights are on in my house no have a lot of switches. Instead, I have to go to Things and scroll through looking for lights that are on. Annoying to me.

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Sorry, not a PFE, a screen. Weird auto correct.

That’s why we built (and are working on a major, major re-write and re-launch), http://SmartTiles.click


I share your pain. I finally had the idea of creating a virtual switch that I call 1-house so it appears at the top and then I have a SmartApp that monitors specific devices and updates this virtual switch. Here are a few screen shots. Also search the community for simple device viewer. I use it too to monitor batteries but I find it inconvenient to go to SmartApps to view status versus just going to Things.

Then if I scroll down, more detail:


Have you had a chance to look at SmartTiles? It’s a third-party dashboard that runs in the web browser, so works on most smart phones and tablets. Very popular in the community. Highly customizable. There’s even a thread in the forums where people share different customizations and hardware options they’ve used with it. :sunglasses:




Care to share your apps seems to answer some things for me thanks.

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Is there anything that would just let me see a list of witch light are on? I don’t need a status review if everything. Many thanks again.

Simple Device Viewer

@jerzydiver happy to share the code. Actually in Jerzy on business but can post in the coming days. I was hoping to automate the creation of the virtual device but getting an error that I don’t know how to fix so that will need to be created manually. Will
Provide steps when I upload code.

SmartTiles is customizable so you can show as many or as few devices as you want. For example, the following is one that someone uses just to show a few lights.

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Couldn’t agree more… ST’s–are you listening to us??? This is maddening!!! Btw I live in MSP, am a B2C Executive (Former Amazon and Target), and would be happy to participate (for FREE) in UI and Strategy Sessions.

Sorry for the delay, I have uploaded my code to my Git repository:

I attempted to automate the creation of the virtual device required as I have done in other SmartApps, but I keep getting a java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error every time I attempt to call the addChildDevice API method. So unfortunately this solution will require a few extra steps to implement:

  1. Login to the IDE
  2. Go to My Device Handlers and create a new device handler leveraging the code in Git.
  3. Go to My Devices and Create a new device and set the type to “Location Status”
  4. Go to My SmartApps and create a new SmartApp leveraging the code in Git
  5. Install the Location Status SmartApp via your mobile device and then set the devices you wish to monitor

You system may not have an Alarm so feel free to remove that tile from the Device Handler. I included a “Blank” tile that you can insert as a replacement because it expect to have 3 tiles in each row otherwise the message tiles will not line up appropriately. Feel free to change the tile Width and Height if you prefer to have all the image tiles on 1 row.

If you haven’t looked at Simple Device Viewer, that is a nice app as well and something I also use to check battery status on my devices. SmartTiles is also a great solution. Both require extra steps to navigate to them. I developed this solution because I wanted a convenient way to easily monitor a specific set of devices that is easily accessible within the ST mobile application. With this solution, I named my virtual device 1-House so it appears at the very top of my things list and I can quickly select it to see the state of the devices I care about versus scrolling through the things list.

Let me know if you have any questions! For anyone else seeing this, I posted screenshots of this app in Post 6 above.

Thanks will give it a try