Dashboard gone for a toss?

Looks like dashboard has gone for a toss…

IDE is crawling right now too.

Dashboard is just a spinning wheel… When it comes up… Everything is in a slow motion… Motion stuck… Sonos notification stuck… And everything sucks…

Hub connectivity issues listed on status.smartthings.com

Already recovering. Any minute now…


Didn’t get the notification. Rebooting my hub not that it is going to help.

I’ve been having MAJOR issues with presence sensors with my wifes phone once again for the past 2 weeks.

Looks like dashboard is up but motions are stuck.

And I have to continuously do a battery pull to get the motions working again for the last few days…Fibaros as well as ST. Not sure what’s going on. Reboots and Zwave repairs doesn’t appear to help anymore if they were stuck when the hub was showing an attitude.

For zigbees: 15 minutes powered off then on.
For zwaves: first repair… Completed… Reboot… Wait 15 minutes… Second repair… Completed… Wait 15 minutes… Final repair… Completed.

Use case: I have ST going and leave outside of the country for 3 weeks… In between the hub decides to throw tantrums… What am I supposed to do?