Custom name for the installed SmartApp

How do I allow users change the name of the installed app instance? I looked at the code of some of the apps that allow that, but didn’t see anything different from my code that does not — e.g.:

Im pretty sure its a default attribute. My “its too humid!” app doesnt have any specifiers to rename, yet it exists in the published app.

Yeah, I just added another SmartApp and I noticed that I didn’t have to do anything special for that. However the app above doesn’t not have those fields. So I’m wondering if having a dynamic page (or perhaps simply having more than one page) removes those fields. I’ll have to try and see. Still, I’d like to know how to either add the standard ones back or implement my own custom ones. I can ask for new name, of course. But app.label is read-only as far as I can tell.

Unfortunately I havent worked with dynamic pages yet :frowning:

Has anyone figured this out? I’m having the same issue. As soon as I update an app to use pages the ability to give it a unique app.label seems to be gone. Trying to set app.label doesn’t seem to work.

Got it! Looking at the “Sonos Notify With Sound” app I see the code is:

section([mobileOnly:true]) {
		label title: "Assign a name", required: false
		mode title: "Set for specific mode(s)", required: false

I put this in my main preference page, but I presume it could go in any page.


Yeah, I saw that in a Hue app a couple of days ago as well.

I submitted a pull request yesterday to add this to the docs:

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