Cree Bulbs not updating status in ST app

I avoided the pairing issues that others have had. The bulbs have also followed the automation schedule and turned on. However, the app is NOT updating their status so it’s impossible to know if they’re really ON without actually going and checking.

I have not had this issue with the default DH or the one I’m using now, SmartPower Dimming Outlet. The app updates instantly.

I have the same issue with Cree bulbs. Like @toyanucci stated, I changed the DH to “SmartPower Dimming Outlet” and it’s working fine. ST dev team needs to fix the Cree DH

Or they should just SmartPower Dimming Outlet the default device handler since it’s 100% compatible and operates locally.

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I tried removing and re-installing using the Cree Bulb DH. They’re back to working for now.