Creating my own Microwave sensor

Hi there,

So i’m looking at creating my own microwave sensor.
I have total noob at working with raspberry pis and arduinos.
I’m looking more for a guidance to where to start.

Heres a definiton of my problem

  • I have a corridor with an insulated glass window door in the middle
  • I have a arlo/blink camera on one end (undecided yet)
  • No access to power socket
  • Normal battery powered PIR does not work through glass
  • I am unable to install anything on the opposite side of the glass

So im looking to build a DIY microwave sensor that would trigger on movement and this would activate my camera.
The DIY microwave sensor has to battery powered and lowest delay the better
All of this to be able to implement with smarthings.

So where do i start :slight_smile:

Arduino or raspberry?

Not all IP cameras use PIR to detect motion. Pixel changes can be seen through glass, but still can cause a problem at night if there’s a lot of light reflection on the glass.

Thanks for the input.
I understand not all of them uses PIR but i do not think theres any other sensor that is on the market right now that will fit my needs.
I am also aware of the false positive that it might trigger, but im willing to live with that :slight_smile:


  • battery powered
  • zwave/zigbee/wifi compatibility
  • able to see through glass

Assuming the glass is clear, it seems like a lot less effort to find an IP camera that relies on pixel changes to detect motion than rolling your own raspberry pi or arduino-based solution. Especially if you’re a total noob when it comes to working with those platforms (I am too). Get one from a retailer like amazon with a generous return policy and you can send it back if it doesn’t work out. Good luck, wish I could help you more.

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