Cortana IFTTT Channel

Well this is cool. Just found this and didn’t see it posted on the community so thought I’d share. I assume you all can see the cool things you can do with this!:smile:

Merry Christmas?


This is awesome.

Really great for laptops with built in mics, but still worthwhile for desktops as long as you have a microphone handy.

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This works well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work with the Cortana iOS app. Has anyone gotten this to work?

I have touch screen computers in the kitchen and the master bedroom that both have array microphones in them.
With this, I can now literally tell the house Goodnight, and it will respond. :smile:

I really need to stop coming to this forum before my fiance murders me in my sleep where there are no motion sensors present (yet).


Would be cool if we could check the status of things…like a garage door switch. Cortana could just respond with the status of the door.

Looks like it was pulled due to copyright issues.

Its back! Now called ‘Cortana Triggers’ :smile:


I set this up yesterday, works great! However, Cortana doesn’t seem to work when my screen is off (but computer is still on) is there something I can do about that? Don’t really want the screen on all the time. I’ve gone through my advanced power settings to make sure it’s just my screen shutting off.

What happened o this App. It’s nowhere to be found on the Windows Store.

It is back. Cortrigga (

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You are invited to Cortana (Xbox, Windows (Phone/OS) Integration (with Simple SmartThings App)

Installed this last night. The developer is asking $5 for it, I cashed in some Bing rewards points and paid with MS store credit. Works as advertised, though the syncing of commands takes awhile. I created a rule on my laptop in CorTrigga and was awakened three hours later when it synced to my phone. That notification is now off! The IFTTT to SmartThings cloud communication is as slow and unpredictable as ever. Sometimes they happen within a minute, sometimes 10 minutes. You can create multiple ways of phrasing a command which is nice. It would be better if it could see and operate on the SmartThings IDE. You have to create separate rules to turn things on AND off and if you want to manipulate more than one item you have to tie them to a virtual switch. But now I can say “Hey Cortana, Trigger outside lights on” and it happens… eventually.


It isn’t perfect as a native solution would be, but better than nothing. I
wish that cortana was linked to smartthings the same way that Alexa and
Google home are. That is my dream haha.

sub’d to this for updates.

I have an ASUS EEE Slate that I want to frame, place on wall as command center device. Use SmartTiles as the visual and Cortana and the audible piece. I am a UNIX geek by day, so its taking some time/getting use to for a windose device.