CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

You could do something like I’ve done, but I suspect you will have to touch a lot of pistons…

I created a follow up piston that I call from other pistons to turn the lights on. The calling pistons have no idea how I want the lights. This follow up piston runs when called and turns lights on based on the time of day.

An example of one of my other pistons that calls this one…

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You have nothing turning the VS on.

      (Time is between 6:00AM and sunrise
      When true
         Using VS
            Turn on)
      (Your first three or's)
      (Hall is active)
      (VS is OFF)
      When true
         Using Light
            Turn on)

Something like this, remember how the groupings work, follow the line to follow the logic. So you want the VS to come on (with restrictions I didn’t include) during 6 to sunrise at whatever level you want, then you need to handle the off of the VS, so you’d do an additional OR When time is between sunrise and 5:59am when true turn off VS.

The VS turns ON at 5:00 and OFF after 59 minutes (so at 5:59am). So for the rest of the day it is off until 5:00am when it turns on. So, I think if I add AND VS is OFF to my first AND condition of Hall Motion is Active after the first three conditions it should stop it from turning the light on to full if motion is detected. What do you think.

Wow I missed that somehow. Yeah, I think what you’ve got should work. It’s almost like there’s dozens of ways to get to the same answer! How irritating! :laughing:

For sure! Some like to use the IF THEN ELSE but the WHEN TRUE works also. It has more use for specific conditions which is really handy. Now, I could really try to complicate things with this piston if I try to combine another piston that I have setup when people arrive home between 11:01pm and 4:59am. I want the light to come on and set to 50% with motion and then turn off with no motion. I think I can add this to the OR conditions at the top with a WHEN TRUE on it.

Yes that’s what I’d do, that’s the benefit of not using If Then Else! I almost never use the Then section of an If anymore. Never know what you want to add later, much easier to do so with When True/False blocks.

Thanks for all the help with this! Really learning a lot! I don’t have much automation in my house yet but I am loving CoRE!

If it can’t be automated, it’s probably your dog and you need to adjust your expectations! :slight_smile: (or have lots of servo controlled doors, speakers, and sensors that guide the pooch through the house and out to the backyard when it’s piddle time)


That would be good! Here is a question for you…anyway of getting sonos to work better with ST? I am pretty disappointed in how this works (or doesn’t work) with ST. If I could get it to recognize certain playlists or favourite stations, I could definitely make some pistons for Sonos. Do you have sonos and do you have it working with ST?

I’m afraid I don’t have any Sonos speakers. Many others on here do and will probably chime in.

Have you tried using askAlexa for your Son is?

Assuming of course that you have Alexa…

Drop the “Set color to ‘Soft White’” it overrides the hue/sat setting.

Sounds like you have another piston setting the color when it is turned on. The easiest way to troubleshoot is to use the IDE to see what routines are attached to the switch.

No I don’t have Alexa, yet.

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Hi. I want to make a piston that will turn off an air conditioner if my Wife and I are not home for at least 15 minutes.

I tried to do:

  • Todd’s iPhone presence stays not present for 15 minutes


  • Beth’s iPhone presence stays not present for 15 minutes


Using the Cooler…
-> Turn off

It did not work.

What am I doing incorrectly?

Thank you.

Can you screen cap the piston?
I would use:

If all of Todds iPhone and Beth’s iPhone are not present for 15 minutes then {
with cooler{
turn off

I think that’s correct because Stays is a trigger with a 15 minute countdown and unless both presences sensors are away for 15 minutes exactly and in sync, that won’t work.

Okay, Ive been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to do something.

Im reaching out to the community for assistance.

What Im trying to do:
If someone I know/trust unlocks my kwikset 910 with a code, disarm the SHM before setting off an alarm. Think family member coming over to do…whatever.

What I have:
Said lock
contact sensor on the door
virtual contact sensor using UDTH
motion sensor pointing at the door

What Im thinking:
Trusted Entry (piston name)

Simple piston
If SHM mode is AWAY
AND Entry door changes to unlocked
THEN using virtual front door contact sensor, set SHM to disarmed
ELSE using virtual front door contact sensor
-Wait 30 sec
-Turn on

Ive installed the UDTH to create a virtual contact sensor to try to replace the front door sensor, to try to create a delay before the contact sensor is “opened” (on).

Ive removed the front door contact sensor from SHM and replaced it with the virtual contact sensor, but it doesn’t appear to be working. I always trigger SHM.

Also, Id like to be able to specify when the front door is unlocked BY the PIN on the outside, not anytime its unlocked.

Please help…

Hi All,

I have some inflatables outside for Halloween and want to turn them off when the wind speed or gust is higher than X. I looked at the capabilities, and I don’t see any way to trigger off of wind speed. Am I missing it or do I have to find another creative way to trigger off of it?

I am using the DH SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0.

Hi, I’m just bumping this as I don’t think anyone has answered yet.

Someone must have already done this. Anyone able to send me a screenshot of their piston?