CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Change it from ‘any of’ to ‘all of’ ‘is not’ present.
Then you will both have to be away for it to be true.

So changing the values to evaluation mode to “all”, comparison to “is” and value to “not present” gives me “Each of Anthony or Shayna presence is not present”

That logic would work to address what I’m looking for? I can’t find anything to change the condition to read “all of name or name presence is not present”.

To answer the first part of your question, then yes, I think it should work.
You both have to be away and that will only be when the last person leaves.
I’m not quite sure what you mean in the second part.

Hoping someone can help me out here. I am trying to have a light turn on when a door is opened, and turn off when closed, except that if the light was already on prior to the door opening, I do not want it switching off when the door closes - so basically do nothing if the light was switched on manually prior to the door opening. The only way I could figure it out was to use two pistons. But the 2nd piston (follow-up) seems to trigger when the door is closed, no matter what and turns off the light.

This is one ingenious bit of coding!

If I’m reading this correctly the presence sensor changing to present starts a 20 minute timer and only if the door opens in that 20 minute window it plays the welcome home notification, correct?

And also, what is the 6 second wait right before the play command for? And why is it tagged as “only while”?

Thanks in advance, this could get major brownie points with the wife lol

The original code was written by @Townsmcp. I modified it with the help of @ady624 and @eibyer.
I have no coding experience (until now) and owe it all to them. I’ve added 60 greetings, inspirational messages, and one liners in hopes of not getting the same message to often. I owe that to insomnia.
Edit: The 6 seconds wait (increased to 10sec) was added to give time to get to through the entry to the main kitchen where the speaker is

Ahhh gotcha, does it work like I described above? And any clue as to that 6 second timer?

Yes works just as you described.
The 6 seconds wait (increased to 10 sec.) was added to give time to get through the entry to the main kitchen where the speaker is located

Ahhhh I see, thank you very much!

I have just gotten started with webCoRE and I’m trying to figure out a problem I’m having with my thermostat control. For some reason, the set cool is adding degrees whenever it sets. For example, my main floor will be 79 instead of 76. I’m at a loss for what could be causing it because the logging appears to send the correct number for the setpoint. Any advice?

I want to set it up to speak set messages on certain dates for birthdays and holidays etc;

AC 101 will avoid setting the cool and heat setpoints closer than 3-5 degrees. You cannot have both set at the same or very close because you would have the HVAC constantly battle between cool and heat.

Understood but I’m not in auto mode ever. I specifically set the cool or heat mode based on our needs because I work from home and I don’t want it switching from heat to cool unless I’m asking for it. And, it still doesn’t explain why the set point is being set incorrectly. I’ve also been playing with the numbers a lot to try and figure out why it was being set inconsistently.

Is it a sonos?

Is it a plane?

FYI, I figured it out. Trane thermostat and this is in the instructions:

The setpoints will push each other if they are adjusted to within the minimum heat/cool separation setting. This is normally 3 degrees.

Yes, that is normal behavior with most thermostats. You adjust one setpoint too close to the other, the other gets pushed. That’s what I meant with my initial post, although I guess I wasn’t too clear :slight_smile:

Here, I thought you were just telling me that I’m an idiot :wink: Thanks for the advice.

I need help not sure im doing this right but.

I want to when either phone is present and its between sunset and sunrise, I want my outside light to turn on, but my alarm comes on at 11pm automatically, i want it to turn it off if it after 11pm unlock the doors and when i open my door or garage the outside lights wait five min before turning off, i also want when i open either doors my hall lights comes on… can anyone help me with that? I also want after a few min my door locks any hel please. this is what i have so far…

Hello All,
I am in need of a bit of assistance with a piston i have using presence to change ST mode.

I have tried setting this up now three different ways, in (and if) ,(or if) and basic in expert mode.
No mater what i try the condition to change the ST to night mode will not run but the others do.

Any insight as to what i am missing is appreciated. Please see below screen shot of my current basic config.

Much thanks