CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Is there no way to build pistons and events from a web browser with a PC? Or do you have to do everything from your phone? Seems really inefficient doing it from your phone, as I only have 5 pistons so far but couldn’t imagine moving all my 150+ events from HomeSeer over to this if I have to do it all on my tiny phone! Thanks.

WebCoRE is currently being developed by ady624.
It does work but does not currently support all the features of CoRE.
End of the month maybe.
Might be worth waiting till then.
Search for Webcore (SE).

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Thanks I’ll check that. I prefer running things from my phone as that’s what’s making me lean towards switching. Like that I can be in another country and quickly create an event etc where as HomeSeer is entirely desktop browser based. Still works on your phone but interface isn’t good of course. So that’s good to know.

I think I’ve managed to solve my query around resetting the virtual sensor, but my Piston still runs when ‘Any’ of the Motion Sensors are active, and the only other option is if ‘All’ are active. I’m looking for it to run when >1 is active. Does anyone know how to do this please?

I’m not smart enough to get you there… but I feel like this is the path… starting here: CoRE - Variables 101

Seems like a piston could be set up to count how many sensors are active within a timeframe… that piston could also reset the count after whatever criteria. Your virtual sensor or another piston or whatev could be triggered when the count gets at or above 2…

Also, check out @Mike_Maxwell’s app that might help solve your issues.


That’s cool!

I think I’ve seen a discussion about this. The thread is too long to find it, and search isn’t helping… I know several people have split up CoRE into multiple instances, but how does that affect your AskAlexa integration? Trying to split it up, but I want to make sure a specific voice macro that I use often still works. Thanks!

Just know that CoRE SE (webCore) is being developed for both mobile and pc web browsers but the focus is more on the pc side instead of mobile browser

I have one particular piston which sometimes doesn’t run at the expected time. It keeps showing past due. I have rebuilt this piston and all pistons, but this still keeps happening.

Can someone please help me fix the issue?

Can you post a screenshot of the piston.
Might make it easier for the peeps on here to troubleshoot for you.

This is the piston not running until past due. Its not frequent, but its the only piston I see it happening to. It happened once today and once last week.

To me, it all looks good.
The only thing I can think off that might cause an issue, but probably not, is that all 4 tasks will try to complete at the same time.
As they don’t conflict with each other this should not be an issue but just a thought.
Perhaps other peeps might have a better idea.

This morning when I noticed it wasn’t running, the trigger for sunday was still highlighted in blue and the trigger for monday says overdue. So I think the piston hasn’t even started running. I think the actions under THEN are not the problem.

@sapstar Worth a try to add 5 sec waits between each of your actions. See if that sticks.

Thanks for the tip. I will do that now and see if there are any failures in the next week.

One of my piston shows the restrictions as below. Not sure why it is showing a random string instead of the switch I selected. Is this a problem?

Perfectly normal. It’s not random however. It’s just the exact identifier of that switch

Thanks very much for clarifying.

There is no problem doing it that way.

If the piston does not show up in the list in AA, close AA, open the instance of CoRE with that piston, tap done to refresh the list, and then reopen AA.

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