CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

See if you can set up a virtual simulated button… which I think is normally off. The piston would look like this:

Button changes to pushed

Edit: Just read that you tried a button. Hmm, you can probably integrate the turn off of the switch in the piston itself.

Your_Triggger here
Using Siren
> Turn on
> Wait X seconds
> Turn off
Using Your_switch
  > Wait X minutes
  > Turn off

Yup, I’m using the GE switch. I still wonder how the double-tap smartapp worked for me though.

For the record, this request isn’t anywhere near important for me. It was an idea that I had that I believe would be a minor convenience. I’m also curious of the capabilities of CoRE :smiley:

Any ideas about why this want to fire at midnight?

All i want is for it to switch lights on at sunset. I have another system to switch them off with SHM.

Why did you pick after sunset as the condition? Use a trigger instead. Select happens at, then sunset.

It will not fire at or after midnight until the next sunset because midnight starts a new “Day”. So if you are wanting it for the duration of sundown then do in between sunset and sunrise.

Hi all,
I’m a self confessed noob, but have created a couple of pistons that work pretty great for my needs!
One area I’m struggling with are with Lightwave RF devices (light switches).

I can control them from within the smartthings app using @adamclark_dev’s integration found here:

However, in Core pistons, the switches are completely unresponsive.

Can anyone instruct me on how best to diagnose this please?
I did a search, but came up with nothing, so apologies if I missed the answer.


Got it - went round and round but …

What was weird it kept failing - changed the siren to a lamp - worked fine - added the siren and lamp OK, deleted the lamp - OK. These GoContol sirens are cheap - slow to react and just act weird,

Found this for my other issue - seems to work.

This works.
Using Basic piston.
Virtual switch is on.
Using xxxxx light.
Turn on
Wait 30 seconds.
Turn off.
Follow up with piston #this piston name# after 30 seconds.
Turn off.

Care of bobbles

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Thank you, this has fixed it.

Do SmartApps need to implement CoRE in their code or does CoRE have to implement smartapps? I see AskAlexa and EchoSistent in CoRE but no other apps.


I want to have my vaccubot (Maid Marian) to go into sleep mode if both my husband and I have been gone for 24 hours…but I only seem to find a minutes option with CoRe can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Hi Paul,

Using the Evohome integration with Core how do you set a zone to heat to a desired set point? I am struggling with this.

couldn’t you just use a “wait” on the action and cancel on state change instead? So if your presence sensors remain away for 1 min, then Wait 24 hrs and turn off maid marian. On the action set to cancel on state change so if your presence sensors return within that 24hrs, the timer is reset.

@ady624 has continually added SUPPORT FOR various devices/capabilities, those you mentioned being two of the more recent ones (see Version history in the CoRE source code).

And since CoRE is close to the max code base limit, new additions are probably coming to a screeching halt (if it hasn’t already).



I am using your kitchen lights as an example for controlling my playroom lights with motion and how the switch cancels the motion.

Here is mine and I am wondering in the BUT IF | THEN if I need a task for the switch is on. If so, since mine is a switch and not dimmable, what option would I have to accomplish this?

Is it possible to insert a new condition between two existing ones? I put a motion sensor in the garage and want to add it to my Garage Closing piston.

I think it would work just as well if you add it right after the existing (unless you have some complex grouping). We are not able to insert or rearrange conditions, yet.

Notifications questions:

  1. Is it possible to use a variable to represent the names of devices on which an action is taken? For example below, when true, I want to turn on, then send a notification “Turning on {$outsideGarageLights} because {$currentEventDevice} turned {$currentEventValue}.” Is that possible?

  2. My core pistons aren’t filling in my device histories when the piston runs. How do I fix my pistons so it logs correctly in the device log?

Most succinct way to “tie together” two separate light switches so they act as a single switch in two locations ? My wife wants the hallway lights that are currently operated by a different switch to now toggle when a switch next to the kitchen is toggled, and vice-versa for the switch operating the hallway lights. I can create 4 rules (on/off for both switches toggling the other), but is there a way to tighten that up into a single rule ?

Thanks. Under set colour there is no level option only lightness is that it ?

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Yeah, that is the one