CoRE for Dummies (How to get started and make your first Piston)

Thank you very much for this introductory guide! I can program (somewhat inadequately) and certainly am familiar with if/then statements, but I’m brand new to SmartThings; getting pointed in the right direction for the IDE login, integrating GitHub, and the tutorial on CoRE was exactly what I needed to get myself up and running with my new toy.

I’m pretty excited about what all can be done with CoRE, so thanks again!

I am having problem with integrating my Harmony with CoRE.

I select Media Controller and then select my Hub. Then I do not know the difference between Activities and current Activity in the Attribute. I am also seeing that the Harmony Activities are not pulled in, so I am assuming I need to use the IDs from the IDE, but that is not working either.

Am I missing something?

I think I figured it out. They are switches. I am testing now.

Not sure about the Sonos speakers. I don’t have any so don’t do any audio outputs for my messages.

I’d suggested heading over to the help thread and post the question there:

There are a few devices used to speak notifications. Some use Sonos, big talker app, vlc thing, there may be more. Do you use any of the ones I mentioned?

I would definitely take a look at BigTalker app. It has many variables such as %devicename% that can be entered in when you want it to say things. CoRe can probably do it using advance variables but this is built in and very easy to use.

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is it possible to trigger a routine from within core? I have an existing routine that shuts everything off in my house. It’s a lot of work to duplicate this, and would also then suffer from duplication.

Yes this is possible.

So I’ve been using core since Christmas.
I have been noticing that pistons won’t always fire when they should. Has anyone else noticed this?
Sometimes i will go into the smart app section and click on the play button next to Core and the piston that should have fired will fire.

Thanks for all the app devs have done the app is pretty amazing.

Thanks to your steps I was able to create a Piston quite easily! However, where do I create the second, third and so on? I don’t see where it says anything like “Add new piston”!


Make sure you access CoRE from the Automations section, SmartApps tab. The Market Place is only to install it the first time.

Have fun

OH! How simple is that!!! ty ty ty ty

NP enjoy


ok so I created a Or If piston which happens to come with an Else at the end.
I added a task to that Else which I now would like to delete or leave blank.
How do I edit just the Else at very bottom?
or is not possible so I need to recreate the Or If from scratch?

Click on the else “task” and remove whatever is selected and hit done.
After is refreshes, it should disappear.

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I have followed the instructions to install CoRE and it is installed and in my smart apps tab. My problem is that when I try to create a piston, a spinning wheel pops up momentarily and then goes away. Nothing happens then.

If I leave the app and go back in, there is a blank line with an arrow over the piston line. The same thing happens if I click either one of them…spinning wheel then nothing.

Does anyone have an idea as to what might be going on?

Gonna try and help you out because CoRE (SE) is not near where it needs to be for a production type use.

So just gonna hit on a few points first. Screenshots help us troubleshoot problems a lot easier and makes your life simpler because you will not have to try and explain details to us.

Do you have OAuth enabled?

Did you publish CoRE?

Are you accessing CoRE from your SmartApps tab and not the market place?

timezone setup in ST?

so I’m new to core and I want to convert over. couple core noob questions.

  1. does using core imply I should get rid of ST “routines”
  2. I use a couple different smart apps like smart lighting, or mood music and other community made apps that function and work well but if I go full tilt with core is it intended to replace all those basic functioning apps?
  3. the app itself can be a little intimidating with all its functions so is there a resource link to help better explain the or else, latching, basic and the many other variables to help me know when and what to use.
  4. I’m also wondering if I can replace all my shm security modes and try and make some window security flashing light alarm.
  1. You could replace all of your routines, but you don’t have to. You can use CoRE with existing routines, modes, etc.
  2. Again, you can probably replace most smartapps, but you do not have to. I use CoRE, Smart Lighting, Double Tap, IFFFT, Stringify, etc.
  3. This will get you started. (most of my pistons are the “Basic” type)