CoRE for Dummies (How to get started and make your first Piston)

I stand corrected. I happen to have an extra on laying around so what the H, I decided to try installing my first DH. Presto. Super Simple! It works, found it no prob. Thank you Sir!

Lol your welcome.
We have found when querying lux levels from any ST app the sensor resets lux level to 0 and tends to come on every time regardless if you have a CoRE piston setup to only bring on a light if lux is below X. The simple way round it it to store lux readings as a global variable. The following pictures are my pistons that work really well. First piston catches lux levels and second piston brings lights on and off below appropriate levels:

Is there a way to use the thermostat set point in the IF?

Sorry for the noob question, I have saved and published CoRE in the IDE, turned on Oauth, saved and published again, and yet it still doesn’t show in the mobile app for me (on Android 7), there’s no ‘My Apps’ category anywhere in Marketplace (is it supposed to appear below ‘+ More’ ?) I also tried deleting it out of the IDE and re-adding it, no change.

I may be wrong but mine is located click automations on the bottom & tap Smart Apps on the top. Scroll down & should show up.

You may want to skip CoRE and dive directly into webCoRE.

I highly recommend WebCore. The web interface makes it much easier to create pistons and to read the logic. Great work!

I’m actually just about to switch over from CoRE to webCoRE and will update this thread with the appropriate links. From what I’ve seen and read already I actually think webCoRE won’t need a “for dummies” but I’m the best person to test that out since boy I sure am a “D”.


I have to once again thank ady624 whose incredible work has make ST as integral in our household as, well, a light switch.

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Early this morning my pistons did a “Recovery”.

What is Recovery?

It’s a sweep performed by CoRE to make sure no piston is left behind by missing time triggers

Does CoRE see a problem or is the sweep a regular or routine maintenance?


Regular routine, setup in settings. webCoRE on the other hand does it only if a piston needs it.

Hello all.

Im trying to create a piston to activate a color changing loop or random hue in my lights. My issue is i want to link it to a routine that i have created (party mode). I know i’m close but i just cant get it to work. I have activated it by using the level change but when i change it to a mode it doesn’t work.

Any thoughts?

Nevermind, I figured it out. I had it changes to Party Mode but was already in Party Mode so therefor it didnt change.

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New CoRE user, trying to create my first piston. Actually, I’ve created it but it doesn’t seem to work ( I get no errors).

Got a doorbell ZW056-A ,paired with ST hub, manually added CoRE (08/28/2017 >>> v0.3.16d.20170828) as a smart app and attempted to configure a piston to play a track from ZW056 when a door sensor (ZW097 using DH: Aeon Z-Wave Reversed Contact Sensor ) is OPEN. ZW097 name = BackyardGate

I have figured out how the doorbell audio files order is ( the order added to the internal storage) , created a BASIC piston but it won’t get triggered when the sensor/gate is opened. I have also added a SEND SMS to the THEN ( besides the setting to play a track from the doorbell) but none of the 2 items seem to be " triggered".

Initially, I used PLAY and a track number but someone recommended using SPEAK instead of play ( as shown in attached screenshots) …still nothing. I suspect the problem is with the conditional statement, specifically, the value I am monitoring to identity an OPEN contact. I am hoping someone else had to configure CoRE for this sensor and can provide some insight.

Note: I am using a custom DH ( Z-Wave Reversed Contact Sensor ) for this sensor because it is being shipped with reversed contact status functionality ( it shows open when contact is closed). My understanding the sensor status parameter # is 3.

Here are my PISTON settings ( using screenshots … I am not sure how other people exported the piston settings )


Thanks in advance!

Before you get too deep into CoRE I would suggest checking out webCoRE as Core is not being actively developed anymore. Even though webCoRE is beta it is pretty rock solid.

There are also dedicated forums here

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:slight_smile: Just installed webCoRE ( manual install, followed wiki steps one-by-one, in sequence, no issues during install) but when I click create ( to create a piston) nothing happens. Window disappears on the phone app , while on the PC browser, it stays up ( see below). I do see the squares rotating for a second or so. Any ideas?

2017-11-03 14_30_16-webCoRE Dashboard

Did you install all 4 of the webCoRE apps and enable oAuth for the webCoRE app?

If so, I would head to the webCoRE forums to get some help.

You were right: I didin’t have the WebCoRE piston app installed! All good now! Thanks a bunch!

2017-11-03 16_26_35-SmartApps

Awesome! You’ll have a lot of fun with webCoRE.