Copy and Paste from Github.... Mimolite_garage_door_opener

Ok… so I’m THE newphie and just trying to utilize the Mimolite garage door opener app that was created a while back…GitHub: “mimolite_garage_door_v2.device.groovy”

If I simply copy and paste the code into a new Smartapp blank form, then hit create, I get some scripting errors that I have no idea what they are.

So things are not as simple as I thought… Can someone take a look at the referenced code and tell what I’m doing wrong? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Dave C

OK… NEVER MIND the earlier post… Got her going…!

Can we say “Device Type” instead of SmartApp…!


You’ve probably figured this all out already, but just in case:

Thanks JD…

Appreciate the helpful hints. I’ll take a look.