Cooper Aspire RF syncing master and auxiliary switches

I am truly sorry to have to be the one to tell you that although the regular Cooper wall switches are compatible with smartthings, there is no wall mount scene controller or tabletop controller which is compatible with SmartThings at this time. (That may change in the future.)

That includes the two Cooper scene controllers that have been mentioned, both the wall mount and the table top.


The smartthings generation one is zwave certified only for basic set commands. This allows switches to turn on and off, and multi level switches like light dimmers to move through their levels.

It also supports association.

What it does not support, at least as of this writing, is the zwave controller replication or scene configuration command classes.

For this reason, you cannot set up a scene in one device, including the hub, and then transfer it to another device as you might with some other Z wave primary controllers.

You can verify this from the official zwave conformance statements for each device.

The alternative in a smartthings installation is to use one of the custom code smartapps that does scene management, like scene machine or flexi light, to name just two of a dozen or so, and then trigger those from one of the remotes that does work with smart things, or a tablet dashboard like the very popular SmartTiles.


As you will learn from the previous link, there are two wall mount devices that look like scene controllers but are handled internally like remotes that you can also try: the 7 button Enerwave SC7 or the Leviton 4 button zone controller. But not everyone has been successful getting those to work with ST, and you still have to associate each button with a smartapp or hello home phrase.

The zigbee SmartenIT 3 toggle switch also works very well with ST and is good for either wallmount or tabletop.

You can find many of the most popular community created smartapps here:


Before investing in any switches, remote, or controllers that are not listed on the official “works with smart things” list it’s best to check in the community and make sure that that device is actually compatible.

So although this topic began by talking about simple switches which are compatible with smart things, it has veered into discussion of scene controllers, which are not even though they are from the same line.

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