Controlling multiple bulbs one wall switch

I currently have a wall switch that controls ONE wall outlet/plug with a lamp plugged in. I have 3 lamps in the room I’d like to control with that same wall switch. Two of those lamps are not currently controlled by the wall switch and I don’t want to run extension cords everywhere. What is the best way to make it so I can turn the one wall switch on/off and have all three lamps controlled? I have a hub and several switches/devices currently, but I’m looking for advice for this particular room (which I haven’t yet automated).

This is easy as long as you get devices which are recognized by your smartthings account. :sunglasses:

There is an official feature in SmartLights which allows you to have one device “mirror” another. So there are two main approaches.

Step 1: replace the dumb switch with a smart switch.

Step 2: either get a smart “pocketsocket” for each of the other lamp plugs or replace each of the dumb bulbs in the other lamps with a smart bulb. No extension cords required: each lamp still plugs in to where it does now.

Step 3: create an automation for each of the formerly non controlled lamps so that they mirror the smart switch.

That’s it. :sunglasses: now when you turn on the switch, all the lights will turn on, and when you turn it off they will all turn off. You can also still create automations to control them individually if you like, or use a voice assistant to do so.

There are lots of choices for both bulbs and pocketsockets. But that’s the general idea.

BTW, I particularly like the zooz zen 25 double pocketsocket because each side can be controlled Independently and it doesn’t block the other outlet. It’s quite popular.

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Thanks! So, if I buy another wall switch (I’ve used the Zooz Zen27 in the past) and replace my dumb switch with that, it will allow control of the wall socket that has the lamp plugged into it. Then, I could purchase 2 smart bulbs (or sockets like the Zen25 you mention) and use an automation to control those. (when the wall switch goes on, turn on those bulbs/sockets, wall switch turns off, then turn off those sockets. I assume I could also use the dimming feature on the switch to automate the dimming of the bulbs (or socket if I buy a dimmable one).

Yes. :sunglasses:

In essence the wall switch sends a message to the hub and the hub sends a message to the bulb/pocketsocket that is set up to mirror the switch. :sunglasses: :level_slider::bulb:

So they don’t have to be directly connected.

And you can also control each smart light buld independently with one switch