Controlling devices in the house when the wifi goes down?

Hi Guys,

I had an issue the other day in the house when the internet went down so of course the Hub went “Offline”. Is their a way of controlling the devices if the internet goes down? Surely the Hub must work locally for most Z-Wave devices?


Depending on the hub version some local processing can happen, but manual control of the devices requires an internet connection. Capabilities are discussed at:

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The hub will work locally for Z wave devices with locally eligible device type handlers. But the only code which can run locally at the present time is the official smart lighting feature and a few bits of smart home monitor.

As @TheBearMay Mentioned, you will not be able to use the mobile app to control anything if the smartthings cloud is not available. And you will not be able to arm/disarm smart home monitor or change the mode unless you have the ADT/Smartthings model of the hub.

The following wiki article should be of interest (the topic title is a clickable link)

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Ok, thanks guys I will take a look at the other thread.

At present it is a Smartthings button which is used in two places…the garage and a spare room. Both were down as the internet went down. Just seems silly that all three devices are in the house so why would the box not control it with a valid wifi connection.