Controlling device over OAuth using device label

Since my SmartThings scheduling hasn’t worked in the last 4 months, I’ve sort-of taken things into my own hands and created my own scheduling system. It’s basically a SmartApp from their OAuth tutorial - no frills. Then I have a script on my server that uses cron to run the script every miniute. Inside the script are a series of time’s where certain events trigger.

When I add a new device to the SmartApp for control, I have to go through some processes to find the device ID.

My question is: is it possible to control a device using the device name (or label)?

Here’s where I am at today:

I have my switches mappings like below:

	path("/switches/:id/:command") {
		action: [
			GET: "updateSwitch",

Which calls this function (admittedly, I think I found this portion on GitHub not the tutorial, but the concept is the same):

// From the HTTP GET to update switch status
void updateSwitch() {

private void update(devices) {
	log.debug "update, request: ${request.JSON}, params: ${params}, devices: $"
	//def command = request.JSON?.command
	def command = params.command
	if (command)
		command = command.toLowerCase()
		def device = devices.find { == }
		if (!device)
			httpError(404, "Device not found")

This way I can easily run

Then I guess once I do find the device name, I would need to convert the name to the ID to do the controls?

Any tips are appreciated.

Iterate over the switches, find one with the matching label and send a command to it.


@625alex I tried that but didn’t have any luck.Then I realized I was using it.label and, when I should have been using it.displayName.

Got it working (until I break it again) :smile:

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