Control SmartThings from PC? (2024)

I am trying to resolve this use case: I would like to have a “script” running on my Win 10 laptop that checks the battery level if its low, switch on a zigbee plug. I think this was possible before with eventghost before.
Is there anyway to do something like this now?

Do you also have a Smartthings/Aeotec hub? That might open up some additional possibilities.

Tagging @taustin in case he has any ideas. :thinking:


You should be able to call the API to turn on the device either directly over the web or via the ST CLI installed on your laptop using the command:

smartthings devices:commands 51ebf5dc-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-c13cab5896bb switch:on

POST to{deviceId}/commands

with body:

    "commands": [
            "component": "main",
            "capability": "switch",
            "command": "on",
            "arguments": []

For both you will need a Personal Access Token which can be generated at

You can find your deviceID’s using the ST CLI command smartthings devices, from the ST Advanced Web App, or from the community developed API Browser+.