Control lamps plugged into zwave outlet and normal switch


Is there a way to trigger outlets to turn on when the (non zwave) switch is turned on? My lamps plug into an outlet and I have a normal switch that controls 1/2 the outlet. I plug in my zwave outlets into the outlet that is controlled by the switch. When I turn the switch off, then power is cut to the outlet and the lights go out. However, when I turn the switch on the lights stay off until I switch them on (from my phone). Is there a way to have them turn on automatically when they receive power?

I really just want to use them like a normal switch with the ability to dim/control from my phone when the switch is on.

This is the same issue that people have with smart bulbs, and the short answer is that no, you can’t typically control exactly what happens when power is restored. There may be a particular model that comes back on to power, you would just have to look at the user manual for different ones to see as this behavior would be up to the manufacturer.

You can choose one of the same solutions that people use for smart bulbs. These are discussed in the following thread. The two most obvious possibilities would be to have the outlet rewired so the switch no longer controls it directly and replace the switch with a smart switch so that the receptacle always has power and the wall switch is telling the hub what to tell the outlet.

Or a much simpler and less expensive solution is to use one of the new “smart switch cover” devices which fit over the existing switch, no rewiring required, and then give you basically the same set up. The outlet always has power, but there’s a switch right where you expect that you can use for on and off.

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