Control ISY through Smartthings? (2018)

I have all my light switches through the insteon system and using an ISY hub to control them. I have about 70 swtiches/keypads that I have set up. I dislike the ISY app and find that the zwave system is much clunkier through ISY. It would be great to control the lights through SmartThings, but didn’t know if this was possible or how. I found an article that I thought would work, but the system wouldn’t find the “nodes”

The last update was 2 years ago, so maybe the two systems don’t talk anymore. I didn’t know what other possibilities are out there, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’d like to know this too…

If you subscribe to the ISY portal, maybe to get echo integration, that also gives you IFTTT integration both inbound and outbound. From that you can build a limited SmartThings integration that may be all you need.

It’s also probable that you can use webcore instead of IFTTT just by using Webhooks, but you would need to check with the folks in the webcore forum on that.

In the past, people have used other “man in the middle” server options for communication with Insteon devices, but I have no idea which if any of those still work as they all look pretty old and some of the middleman devices are no longer made. But check with the folks in the following thread to see if they still have current integrations:

Insteon Local Control!


Another alternative if you have an Insteon 2245-222 hub is to use the free Stringify app, as that works with both Insteon hub and the smartthings hub, so you can link them that way. Stringify is sometimes called “IFTTT on steroids” – – it’ll support much more complex logic then the basic If This, then that single clause statement. But only some models work with it.


The DTH/SmartApp from rllynch works great but there are some points to note:
a) The developer has abandoned the code, so do not expect any bug fixes.
b) The code works only for switches and dimmers. It won’t work for remotes, thermostats, fans etc.
c) There is no way to re-scan the ISY for newly added or removed devices. You will have to delete existing devices and start all over again.
d) The DTH code assumes that your ISY works over port 80. If you have changed the port, you will have to make the change to the DTH otherwise it will not discover devices. It is only in one place in the code.

For ISY, if you subscribe to the portal, you can use IFTTT webhooks, but beware. The IFTTT webhooks work only for THAT part of IF THIS THEN THAT. It does not work for the THIS part.

The ISY portal allows you to expose ISY devices, scenes, state variables, programs, AV and Elk to Amazon Echo devices. With updates to Echo devices, I am finding this to be a good option.

It allows you to expose devices, scenes, state variables and programs to Google Home. I haven’t got a chance to test with Google Home.

Hope this information helps.

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Has anyone found why the nodes will no longer load? Does it have to do with any ISY firmware changes?

Sorry for the post to such an old thread, but I was searching for the same and found this. My HousePanel dashboard app has native ISY hub support built in. That is another way to control these lights. I was hoping to use native ST automations using this driver but no luck. The driver throws errors on Base64 decoding and XML decoding of the ISY messages. Not sure why. Anyway I am happy with sticking with my HousePanel native support and using the Rule engine built into it. It’s available at or on this forum - just search for HousePanel and you will find it.